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Sandra Shire
Clinical Assoc Professor

Sandra Shire's career in public health started with the U S Public Health Service. With the FDA, she was a reviewer and field investigator, reviewing new products and clinical trials. She joined ASU in 2010.

500 N 3rd St NHI-1 416
Carol Stevens
Clinical Associate Professor

Carol Stevens' research interests include childhood obesity, cultural influences associated with children's health and healthy work environments for nurses.

500 N. 3rd St. NHI-2 301B
Pamela Storto
Clinical Asst Professor
Kimberlee Sutter
Clinical Assistant Professor
NHI 2 331H
Susan Thompson
Clinical Asst Professor
Johannah Uriri-Glover
Clinical Professor

Johannah Uriri-Glover is a clinical associate professor in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University.

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Clinical Assistant Professor
500 N 3rd Street Health South 282
Margaret Yancy
Clinical Assoc Professor

Margaret Yancy's research interests include diabetes and adolescent healthcare. She received her D.N.P. from ASU in 2008.

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Eboni Anderson
Clinical Assistant Professor
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Robert Ismeurt
Assoc Professor

Robert Ismeurt's research interests range from long-term survivorship in HIV/AIDS, psychoneuroimmunology approaches to practice and biomarkers of sexual orientation to sexual and gender identity.

NHI-2 301J
Diana Jacobson
Clinical Assoc Professor

Diana Jacobson designed the graduate pediatric curriculum for the Doctor of Nursing Practice program. She is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner with more than 20 years of primary care and community experience.

NHI-I 500 N. 3rd Street
Clinical Assistant Professor
Rodney Joseph
Assistant Professor

Rodney Joseph is a behavioral scientist with a program of research focused on the development of behavioral interventions to promote physical activity and reduce cardiometabolic disease risk among minority women.

Andrea Kamenca
Faculty Associate

Entrepreneur, business owner, professor, author and corporate professionals, Ms. Kamenca has a varied background. She currently teaches for CONHI and the Biomedical Informatics department.

Faculty Associate
Beatrice Kastenbaum
SUM/WTR Faculty Other

Beatrice Kastenbaum is clinical associate professor and coordinator in the College of Nursing and Health Solution's Simulation Program.

Mercado A207
Colleen Keller
Regents Professor

Colleen Keller was the first Foundation Professor in Women's Health at ASU. She is also the director for the Center for Healthy Outcomes in Aging.

NHI 286
Lesly Kelly
SUM/WTR Faculty Research

Lesly Kelly studies the role of nursing in patient outcomes in acute care; compassion fatigue; burnout; nursing workforce issues; and the effect of system and technology influences on nursing and patient outcomes.

500 N 3rd St Office NHI-1 330
Janet Kerby
Faculty Assoc

Janet Kerby s passionate about empowering organizations to re-imagine and revolutionize their business through digital transformation.

Sunny Kim
Asst Professor

Kim’s research interests include cancer patient/caregiver supportive care, quality of life, and psychosocial well-being, with a particular emphasis on digital storytelling as a therapeutic intervention.

500 N. 3rd St. MC3020 Office: Health South 358K
Faculty Associate
Pauline Komnenich

Pauline Komnenich is a professor and director of the Nurse Educator Program. Among her research interests are family caregiving of older adults cross culturally, caregiver dyads, end-of-life issues, and nursing education.

CONHI Downtown 500 North 3rd Street
Narayanan Krishnamurthi
Asst Professor

Professor Krishnamurthi's main research interests include developing therapeutic interventions to preserve function (mobility and quality of life) in aging population, improve/restore function with neurological disorders.

College of Nursing & Health Innovation (CONHI) 500 North 3rd Street, O: NHI-I, 378
Catherine Lalley
Clinical Asst Professor
Gerri Lamb
Research Professor (FSC)

Gerri Lamb's research interests include nursing care delivery systems and patient outcomes with focus on nurse care coordination within and across settings, and interprofessional practice to improve healthcare environments.

Shelby Langer
Assoc Professor

Shelby Langer's research interests include dyadic communication and emotion regulation within the context of chronic illness, cancer survivorship and palliative care, cancer caregiving, parent-child dynamics in pediatric pain

Linda Larkey

Linda Larkey's research interests include testing theory-based methods of communicating health messages to underserved/low-income populations and examining mind-body methods of alleviating symptoms in cancer survivors.

Campus: NHI1 Rm 324
Erica Lee
Associate Program Director + Clinical Assistant Professor
Rebecca Lee

Rebecca E. Lee is a community psychologist with 25 years of experience, currently leading SAGE: Sustainability via Active Garden Education (SAGE) to promote physical activity in in young Latino children (U01 MD010667-01).

Faculty Associate
Denise Link
Clinical Professor

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Professor of Nursing at the ASU College of Nursingand Health Innovation Specialty Coordinator for the DNP in Women's Health Program

Health North 550 N. Third Street 301-E
Virginia Livingston

Virginia Livingston is a clinical instructor in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Her research interests include chronic illness, movement therapies and support groups, and alternative health.

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