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Caryn Unterschuetz
Asst Clinical Professor (FSC)

Caryn Unterschuetz teaches foundational courses in the Baccalaureate Health Program (BHP) and recently became the Coordinator for BHP Internships.

Kimberly Vana
Clinical Professor

Kimberly Vana is a clinical professor at the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. She currently teaches in the RN-BSN and Concurrent Enrollment Programs in the Undergraduate Nursing Programs.

College of Nursing & Health Innovation Arizona State University


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Stacey Nseir
Faculty Assoc

Stacey Nseir is a nurse educator whose work includes an interest in leadership and management. She has a variety of research interests in thanatology, tai chi, and aging.

Diane Nunez
Clinical Assoc Professor

Diane Núñez research interests include older adult functional health, health promotion, behaviors in adults, strength training, arthritis and rheumatic diseases, nutrition and cancer prevention, and fall prevention.

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Janet O'Brien
Clinical Associate Professor

Janet O’Brien teaches in Health Innovation and coordinates the standardized patient clinical exams for CONHI. Her research interests include competency assessment using simulation.

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Timothy O'Grady
Academic Assoc

Tim Porter–O’Grady's research interests include magnet effectiveness, shared governance, leader effectiveness, complex adpative systems, innovation, and primary care policy.

Judith Ochieng
Clinical Asst Professor

Judith is Assistant Clinical Professor in the college of Nursing and health innovation at ASU. Her work is in Diabetes with a focus on risk perception of developing diabetes complications among vulnerable Population.

SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching
Megan Petrov
Asst Professor

Megan Petrov's researches sleep; sleep disorders; health disparities; behavioral sleep medicine; health outcomes and services research; mental health; treatment adherence; pain; stroke; and cardiovascular disease.

Teri Pipe
Chief Wellbeing Off & Profr

Teri Pipe is an expert on mindfulness and nursing leadership with focus on interprofessionalism. She is ASU's Chief Well-Being Officer and founding director of the Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience.

Faculty Associate
Pamela Potter
Faculty Assoc
Clinical Assistant Professor

Jill Quillman has a nursing background primarily in cardiovascular intensive care nursing. She primarily teaches complex care courses for undergraduate nursing students and is also a Barrett Honors faculty member.

Leah Randolph
Faculty Assoc
Faculty Assoc
Patricia Reeder
Faculty Associate

Patricia Reeder is a nurse educator who believes in providing opportunities that create awareness of the importance of making educated decisions regarding the health of individuals, their communities and cultures.

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Elizabeth Reifsnider
Professor (FSC)

Elizabeth Reifsnider is the associate dean for research and Nancy Melvin Professor of Pediatric Nursing in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at ASU.

Faculty Associate

Dr. Ali Reza Rejaei is a distant Associate Faculty at the Clinical Research Management Program of ASU, College of Health Innovation and Nursing. Dr. Rejaei is currently working in a Global Regulatory Affairs CMC capacity for

Nathalie Rennell

Nathalie Rennell is an instructor in the RN-BSN/CEP programs and on the honors faculty with the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University.

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Lynda Root
Clinical Asst Professor

Lynda has a deep passion for nursing, and realizes the opportunities well-equipped nurses will have to change the future of health care. Her teaching focus is in the areas of evidence-based practice and innovation leadership.

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Heather Ross
Clinical Asst Professor

Heather M. Ross is a clinical assistant professor affiliated with the School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS), College of Nursing and Health Innovation (CONHI), and Global Security Initiative (GSI).

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