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Why Choose Nursing and Health?

The growth of ASU’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation reflects our desire to do more, serve more and sustain innovation.  Our mission drives us to offer the highest quality academic, research, and clinical programs so that we can produce the next generation of evidence-based health professionals who will excel as clinicians, teachers, health advocates, researchers, entrepreneurs, designers and business leaders.

Just as our research and teaching extends beyond our classroom walls, our vision of care and improved health outcomes extends to local and global communities through our focus on the Triple Aim: improved patient care, increased access to care, and reduced costs.  We’re preparing students with the skills and inspiration to contribute to the emergence of better health in the spaces where it is being redefined:  the clinic, the classroom, the community, the startup and the boardroom.

The challenges that permeate our health care system require innovative solutions that will positively impact patients and entire systems, locally and globally.  The health professional of tomorrow must be able to anticipate the needs of a changing system, with a focus on new thinking and new solutions.  Our curriculum, internships, graduate projects, and clinical experiences equip students with the tools and knowledge that will unleash their innovative thinking from day one.

While our programs encourage creativity and exploration, we place a premium on delivery and positive impact.  Whether through the college’s research centers, where nationally recognized research leaders are impacting health agendas, or through our funded research collaborations and the community partnerships they support, our students, faculty and staff are making a difference on a broad scale with their use-inspired research.

Interprofessionalism – in education, practice and research – guides us as we build programs and curriculum to meet the needs of a changing industry. Our graduate and undergraduate programs continue to expand with a focus on systems thinking, evidence-based practice, collaborative system design, and improved delivery across the continuum of care -- preparing future health professionals to work together across disciplines within complex and dynamic health delivery systems. 

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