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Community Outreach

One of our goals is to enhance our local impact and social embeddedness in our communities. We achieve this by encouraging student and faculty collaboration within the community that is reciprocal, beneficial and sustainable to improve health outcomes. We are also committed to engaging community members and leaders in designing relevant health related activities and programs responsive to the needs of diverse populations.

Community Partners Forum

An event we host to bring together nursing and health leaders in the Phoenix area to explore ways of making a positive impact on the health and well-being of our community.

Fresh Express Bus

The Fresh Express Bus provides fresh food at low prices to underserved neighborhoods, schools and community centers.

LiveWell Library

The LiveWell Library provides monthly theme-focused digital newsletters containing information on preventive health, nutrition, activity, community and a real life story about how Wellness AtoZ is impacting a local individual.

Outreach Projects

The College of Health Solutions and the College of Nursing & Health Innovation join forces every spring for a day of outreach as our students, faculty and staff offer our time and talents to a variety of local nonprofit organizations that provide services to the underserved in the downtown Phoenix area.