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Graduate Student
Nursing and Healthcare Innovation
Edson Col of Nurs & Hlth Innov


AARON CROMAR is a mountaineer and snow enthusiast previously based in Salt Lake City, Utah, but currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona, and is the MODERNIST ECONOMIST.

The belief that business should be smarter is at the very heart of modern economics.

As a modernist and an economist, there is a strong belief that making connections — between people, systems, structures, ideas, and resources — is the key to leverage change or adaptation to challenges, while maintaining consistent operational excellence. With a background that is extensive and non-traditional, it is what has made for the successful building of robust and resilient teams, connecting with people, and designing sustainable environments of antifragility in today's globalized world.

It is what allows ME to help us all become better.

Aaron has made a name for himself in business, marketing, healthcare, and consulting by making or increasing the strength of connections between people, structures, systems, ideas, and resources. With experience in building, training, and leading high-performance teams, the primary mission as the Modernist Economist is to: help individuals and organizations develop their high-performance team and execute a winning operational leadership strategy. The goal is to enable people to manage their talents, skills, abilities, and recognize opportunities for success. All challenges are opportunities to find and maintain forward momentum and foster a culture where people are empowered to serve others.

Aaron is a Project Management Professional and Founder of the Modernist Economist. He is passionate about the effectiveness of the Modernist Economist in building trust and common purpose in organizations. He is an experienced Project Lead, who advises senior leadership on how to improve internal communications and develop organizational alignment. Aaron leads consulting engagements, working with client organizations on leadership, managing cultural change, effective systems management, behavioral economics, and creating cross-functional high-performance teams. Some of his recent focus areas are with client engagements in the healthcare and technology industries.

Aaron completed graduate work at Gonzaga University earning a Masters of Art in Organizational Leadership specializing in Integrating Technology, Learning, and Psychology that integrates psychology and sociology with technology, instruction, and learning to inform research. Aaron completed his undergraduate work at the University of Utah with dual Bachelors of Science degrees in Political Science and Sociology with minor emphases in Criminology & Deviant Behavior, Economics, History, Classical Civilizations, and Geography. He also attended a variety of executive level or certificate courses at Harvard University, Stanford University, MIT, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Ph.D. Nursing & Healthcare Innovation, Arizona State University (Phoenix, AZ), (In-Progress)

M.A. Organizational Leadership, Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA), August 2017

B.S. Sociology & Criminology, University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT), December 2007

B.S. Political Science, University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT), December 2007


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HCR 210 Ethics HealthCare Professional
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HCR 210 Ethics HealthCare Professional
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HCR 210 Ethics HealthCare Professional
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HCR 210 Ethics HealthCare Professional
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ASU 101-NU The ASU Experience