Diane Kapp

500 N. Third Street
Administrative Specialist
University Staff
DTPHX Campus


Diane has been with ASU since April 2010.  She is currently an Administrative Specialist, providing high-level administrative support to the Associate Dean for Research Iniatives, Support, and Engagement.  Diane's job duties recently expanded to include serving as the primary contact for the Provost Office and to serve as the College Administrator for APARS.  She is also responsible for the academic personnel actions for the tenured/tenure track faculty and she works closely with the Executive Coordinator for the clinical-track faculty.  Please refer to Diane's resume for a detailed list of duties.


Coon, DW, Todd, M, and Kapp, D.  EPIC (EARLY-STAGE PARTNERS IN CARE): TRANSLATING SHARE INTO A GROUP-BASED INTERVENTION, (2017, July) Innovation Aging. Published online 2017 Jun 30. doi: 10.1093/geroni/igx004.137


President's Medal for Social Embeddedness, SunAwards