Webinar Wednesdays - Clinical Research Management and Regulatory Science


Webinar Wednesdays is a monthly webinar series designed to increase the visibility of the Clinical Research Management and Regulatory Science graduate programs and contribute to the research community by providing educational opportunities to students and research professionals. This webinar offers presentations on current practices, best practices, and current thinking and knowledge by experts in the field. Webinars are from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm every third Wednesday of the month (excluding June, July, and December).

To be added to the Webinar Wednesdays' email distribution list, which includes information on participating in the live webinars, please email Kaushal Shah at kpshah8@asu.edu.


Previous CRM Webinars

Date Presenter Presentation Title
September 20, 2023 Amit Algotar & Kalpana Algotar Role of AI in Clinical Research and Clinical Care
March 16, 2022 Christine Samara Competencies of Clinical Research Professionals
February 16, 2021 Professor Barb Marusiak & Capstone Student Cheryl Calhounn Experiential Learning: Capstones and Internships
January 19, 2021 Dean Chiarelli  
December 2021   No Webinar 
October 20, 2021  Jovelyn Harmon
September 15, 2021

Kimberly Kelly
Denice Gehling
Lyn Than

Presentations by Clinical Research Management Capstone Students
May 19, 2021 Dr. Clare Elser   
April 21, 2021    No Webinar
March 17, 2021 Dr. Orin Chisholm   
November 18, 2020 Molly Downhour  
Oct 21, 2020 John Rizk COVID-19 and the US response by pharma in accordance with regulations
Sep 16, 2020 Christine Chalhoub

Christine R. Thompson
Public’s Knowledge, Perception of and Attitude towards Clinical Research in Lebanon 

Solving the injustices of the 510(k) Medical Device Approval Pathway by Regulating Device Genealogy, Material, and Classification
Jan 9, 2019 Loretta A. Rome Dealing with Difficult Subjects in Clinical Trials
Feb 27, 2019 Ellen G. Feigal From Consent to Medical Care to Consent to Research
Mar 13, 2019 No  webinar  
Apr 10, 2019 Clare Elser Data Integrity: Healthcare, AI, and Machine Learning
May 8, 2019 No webinar  
June 12, 2019 Ronald Harning Recent Advances in Oncology Lead to Fewer Oncology Patients
1/11/2017 Debra King Clinical Trial Monitoring: Historical, Future and Personal Perspective
2/8/2017 Chris Abley Public & Patient Engagement (PPE) in clinical research - A UK perspective
3/8/2017 Barbara Marusiak Critical Elements of Study Setup: the Sponsor
4/12/2017 Tina Escobedo Cultural Sensitivity in Clinical Research
5/10/2017 Cris Wells The Evolving and Emerging Clinical Research Workforce
6/14/2017 Barbara Marusiak Critical Elements of Study Setup: the Site
8/9/2017 Maureen Martin Quality Control (QC) of Clinical Study Report Safety Narratives and General Regulatory Submission Documents
9/13/2017 Kaushal Shah Conducting Clinical Trials in India
10/11/2017 Mindy Bowers Workload Management in Clinical Trials
11/8/2017 Sandy Shire TBD
1/10/2018 Ali Rajea Dietary Supplements Part 1
2/14/2018 JoAnn Pfeiffer Strategies to Reduce Time
3/14/2018 Maureen Martin What is Drug Safety and What Opportunity Awaits in this Profession?
4/11/2018 No  webinar  
5/9/2018 Ali Rejaei Dietary Supplements Part 2
6/13/2018 Ronald Harning Intro to Basic Statistics and Probability in Research
7/11/2018 Orin Chisholm A Look at Global Regulatory Affairs
8/8/2018 Maureen Martin Career options for RNs in clinical research
9/12/2018 Loretta Rome Increasing Retention Through Motivational Interviewing During Subject Screening
10/10/2018 Adair Turner FDA Regulatory eSubmissions
11/14/2018 JoAnn Pfeiffer Study Site, Sponsor Budget & Contract Strategies
Dec, 2018 No  webinar  
4/13/2016 Jian Wang , M.D.
Precision Medicine - Impacts on Biobanking, Patient Informed Consent Management and Clinical Trials
5/11/2016 Jeffrey A. King, JD Bioethics, Health Care Consent, Patient Autonomy and Surrogate Decision-Makers
6/8/2013 Clare Elser
Quality Product Leader
Biologics, Genentech
Combination Products - new cGMP requirements, 21 CFR Part 4
7/13/2016 Kathy Kenny, DNP
Assistant Dean, CONHI
Innovation: Creating Change
9/14/2016 Betsy Fallen
BAFallen Consulting, LLC
Electronic Investigator Site File: Digital Storing of Documents for Inspection Readiness
10/12/2016 Melanie Flores
Director of Compliance
Changes to the Common Rule
11/9/2016 Marilyn Windschiegl, JD
Contracts and Compliance Manager
 PFS Clinical
Clinical Trial Contracts 101