College Updates

• July 20, 2017
My day in the clinic was extremely exciting because it was my first clinical experience in a hospital outside of the United States. My favorite part of this day was working in the Obstetrics and Gynecology department.
• July 18, 2017
After hours cruising through the lake and stopping by to visit several islands, we docked on Amantani Island for the night. After eating lunch, relaxing, hiking, and watching the sun set over the lake, we had dinner with the members of our new family
• June 29, 2017
Today with tears in our eyes and love in our hearts, we spent our last morning in the village of Umasbamba.
• June 28, 2017
Today, was the last day of service work and our last full day in the village. Yes, many of us are exhausted, but our hearts are full. We have been able to complete many small projects that will make a significant difference for families.
• June 26, 2017
For four days we lived in the village that we had been visiting for the last couple of weeks. This environment was completely different than what I have been used to.
• June 18, 2017
During our trip, a group of students and I took an excursion to Lake Titicaca. We were able to meet many people and learn about the history of the islands and the techniques used to make them.
• June 14, 2017
The village of Umasbamba is an hour bus ride from the city of Cusco and today we came here for the first time to start our service learning project.
• June 12, 2017
After one flight, two busses, and one train ride we are finally here in Machu Picchu and I must say I am amazed. Upon arrival, we were informed about how ancient Incan people constructed the city with the use of advanced engineering, building, and farming skills.
• June 12, 2017
After a long journey from Machu Picchu, I arrived at my homestay in the city of Cusco. After knocking on the door, my classmate and I were greeted by our new family for the very first time.
• June 11, 2017
Yesterday, we woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning to head to the airport in order to board our short flight from Lima to Cusco. Although I was tired on the plane from waking up early, I was energized by the view of the Andes outside of the window.
• June 10, 2017
It is unbelievable that one week has already passed since I landed in Lima! It was truly amazing visiting the beach, museums, cathedrals, and historical sites in the city.
• June 06, 2017
Today after meeting for class and discussing culture, we visited The Cathedral of Lima.
• June 04, 2017
My first full day in Peru was a perfect start to this trip. After sleeping in our new rooms for the first night, and sleeping off our jet lag we were ready to start our day with a class discussion.
• June 03, 2017
After an 8-hour overnight flight, one movie, a few naps, two meals, and several conversations, we finally made a smooth landing in Lima at 7:45 a.m.
• June 02, 2017
As I departed from Los Angeles International Airport, I immediately felt a variety of emotions. Of course, I was filled with excitement and an eagerness to start the journey that I have been dreaming of since I started college.
• June 01, 2017
Started packing today and I'm so excited to be able to explore healthcare from a global perspective this summer in Peru.
• June 01, 2017
Hi!  My name is Faith Winston and I am a nursing student at the ASU Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation.