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Live @ HEALab February Speaker Series featuring Sangeeta Agarawal, CEO and Founder of Helpsy

How to prepare and survive the landmines and hard battles of entrepreneurship!  
Hustling through every trip to hell and back! 
The grit and gears of entrepreneurship.

As a first time founder, you are likely to encounter unfamiliar situations every week and make many hard decisions every day. You are going to be doing things you have not done before such as handling legal issues, hiring and firing people, product development, PR, user engagement, marketing, sales, funding, investor relations, team motivation, growth and more. What happens when something goes wrong? Will it be catastrophic or can you survive it and with how much bruises? We will dive into some of these challenges that I and other founders have faced and how we handled it. We will show you the scars we bear and how you can be wiser from it. The topics we will touch on include:

  • Healthcare specific - business model challenges, marketing challenges, sale cycle length challenges
  • Funding traps to watch out for
  • Female founder challenges and what I learn from it
  • Handling the emotional roller coaster ride

Ms. Agarawal started her career as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, working for companies including IBM, Motorola/Google, and then developing first mobile video platform at a startup later acquired by Skype. She studied integrative medicine by studying, practicing and conducting research in both eastern and western medicine. She spent the next decade as a researcher, oncology nurse and integrative medicine practitioner at institutions including the Mayo Clinic, Stanford Cancer Center, and UCSF Cancer Center serving the community. She later created Helpsy, a platform that guides a patient's cancer journey by leveraging AI for automating treatment planning and enhances it by bringing integrative medicine experts, researchers and health care centers seamlessly based on a person's need to improve outcomes and efficiency. She serves on the board of NIH NCI Integrative medicine, Society of integrative oncology, Oncology nursing society and Annie Appleseed cancer project. 

Events Details

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Price: Free
Taylor Place Residential Community, First Floor