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Campaign ASU 2020: Support that makes a difference

Paul is a student at the College of Nursing and Health Innovation who is achieving his dream thanks to scholarship support. He is working toward his Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree in order to become a family nurse practitioner. Paul cannot thank his scholarship donor enough for the incredible opportunity to pursue his degree with less of a financial burden.

“I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and generosity in granting my family and me this gift. My two little girls, wife and I will feel the effects of this generosity for years to come! Reading the scholarship award letter is the only time in my life where my jaw literally dropped in amazement. My wife was brought to tears! As for the kids, they had no idea what was happening but the joy seemed contagious enough to spread to them as well. We will never forget the support you have provided us during this pivotal time in our lives. My wife and I look forward to the time when we too will be able to pay it forward and help support the future generations of healthcare leaders. We realize there is still much work ahead of us, but this certainly does help. Your kindness has helped pave what would have been an otherwise very rocky financial road. We appreciate it immensely. Thank you.” ~ Paul Morris

Thank you to those that have participated so far in Campaign ASU 2020, and made a difference in the lives of CONHI students like Paul. Together, our potential is limitless. For more information, please contact Kati Martinez at kati.martinez@asu.edu.