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Creating a Culture of Caring at ASU and Beyond

To be mindful is to be prepared for how to ‘be’ while doing real work, whether is it nursing or any other discipline. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention, with intention to the present moment and it allows individuals to transform from a habitual way of responding to a more away, informed approach.

The Center for Mindfulness Compassion and Resilience (Center) transcends academic and industry boundaries, reaching far and wide to engage, teach and connect the community. Since January 2017, 6,878 ASU students, faculty, staff and community members have been reached through Center events, workshops, trainings, “Think Tank” sessions,
and speeches.

Below are some examples of Center’s latest outreach efforts.

  • Student Leadership: Our student workers and interns are embedded within the University, engaging and collaborating on mindfulness and well-being efforts with professionally staffed departments (Sun Devil Fitness Complex, Dean of Students office, Council of Religious Advisors, Recovery Rising) and student-led organizations (YesPlus/Art of Living, Well Devil Ambassadors, Sexual Violence Prevention team).

  • Mindfulness at EdPlus: A collaboration between EdPlus and the Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience at ASU to bring interdisciplinary speakers for inspiring lunch-and-learns within EdPlus offices at Skysong. The monthly speaker series has brought in attendance of up to 145 EdPlus employees, who gather to hear ASU faculty and community members lecture on such topics as mindfulness in daily life, mindful walking and movement, and the impact of mindfulness in leadership. This speaker series will be scaled out to more ASU departments in the spring.

  • University Engagement: Mindfulness Intensive Workshops and trainings have been held for representatives of the Pat Tillman Veterans Center, the Hispanic Mother-Daughter program, the Women’s Basketball team, and the Center for Indian Education in an effort for these entities to bring mindfulness into their populations.

  • Research: A Research Council has been formed to provide mentorship for emerging scholars and address issues with real-world applications, including underserved individuals and communities. The Board will be led by Dr. Mary Davis of the Psychology department at ASU.

To continue receiving future updates from Center, please join our listserve by emailing: mindfulness@asu.edu. Join our Facebook group by searching for: Center: Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience at ASU.