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Gerri Lamb Announces 2017 Retirement

Dr. Lamb came to ASU in 2008 from an endowed chair position at Emory University to guide the development of a robust program for interprofessional practice and education. Working with a cross-disciplinary team, Dr. Lamb helped create the Center for Advancing Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research. CAIPER resulted from 6 years of competitive grants from the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundations and an innovative collaboration with the Herberger Institute at ASU. Center members work with faculty and students across multiple professions to assist them to build teamwork and collaboration knowledge and expertise to provide person-centered, high-quality healthcare. The many contributions CAIPER has made to interprofessional practice, education and research at CONHI at ASU are highlighted on the Center website at https://ipe.asu.edu.

Dr. Lamb shares, “The growth in our interprofessional programs over the past five years is phenomenal. We now have courses that incorporate national interprofessional competencies, learning modules on core teamwork skills and practices like care coordination and integrated care that have been vetted by students and faculty from multiple professional programs and universities, active dialogue about transdisciplinary science, a state-wide research collaborative with the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education and so much more.  For me, CAIPER and the opportunity to work with wonderful individuals in the Center, across ASU and our academic and clinical partners have been the culmination of a tremendously satisfying career. It’s an ideal time to pass the baton and watch our interprofessional programs flourish.”

Dean Teri Pipe adds that “Dr. Lamb has exerted visionary leadership in many domains in nursing and health, from local to international fields of influence. Her work in the areas of interprofessionalism, transdicsciplinary science, care coordination and blending health with architecture and design have proven transformative for various audiences. She is a most engaging speaker, writer and leader who will no doubt continue to make an enduring positive difference for those she inspires. I have known Gerri for almost thirty years, and her dedication, energy, drive and sense of humor are unwavering. We will miss her very much and wish her only the best in her next adventures! “

In addition to CAIPER, Dr. Lamb has made a significant contribution to advancing nursing practice and care coordination in Arizona and nationally.  Widely recognized as a leading expert on care coordination practice and measurement, Dr. Lamb has influenced the development of community-based care coordination and national frameworks for measuring the process and outcomes of care coordination.  She has co-chaired the National Quality Forum’s care coordination committee since its inception and worked with many federal agencies and nursing organizations to advance the quality of care coordination in the US.

When asked about her plans for retirement, Dr. Lamb laughs and says, “no one expects me to stop working and thinking 24/7 which is probably true.  I have so much I want to read and write about – and I understand that as professor emeritus I still can mentor doctoral students! I fully plan to keep growing and learning and hopefully have more time to spend with my family. Being at CONHI and ASU has been a gift.  I’ve been so supported in advancing the work I care so deeply about.”