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Sun Devil Giving Day: HEALab & SHOW

At the College of Nursing and Health Innovation, we strongly believe in the importance of providing unique learning opportunities for our students that will also have a profound impact on our community. Opportunities like the Health Entrepreneurship Accelerator Lab (HEALab) and Student Health Outreach for Wellness (SHOW) Community Initiative. In fact, our faculty directors feel so strongly about these programs they choose to support them both professionally and personally. 

Rick Hall, director of health innovation programs for CONHI, started the HEALab in the fall of 2017 because there was a gap when it came to entrepreneurial activity on the ASU downtown campus and for budding health care professionals. The HEALab offers a free monthly speaker series, and as it evolves will offer weekly networking and idea-generation meetings, pitch competitions, and much more. Hall and a recently established advisory board are already mentoring students and helping to open doors for their entrepreneurial ventures, ventures that will help people with diabetes, provide detox to infants of opioid-addicted mothers, and help people become more fit, to name a few. Hall is proud to not only support HEALab professionally but also personally. When asked why, he says “I believe that donating to the philanthropic efforts of the college enables me to give back from what I’ve personally gained while enabling me to put my money where my heart is.  My wife and I donate to the CONHI Health Entrepreneurship Accelerator Lab (HEALab) because we want to support innovation and would love to help empower students who want to take their health solutions to market.”


Liz Harrell, clinical assistant faculty and program director for the SHOW Community Initiative, helped lead the effort to get the SHOW clinic up and running, which started in the summer of 2015. The clinic is a tri-university, student-led initiative providing free health care and education for underserved individuals in Phoenix. During the last academic year, SHOW provided free care for 370 patients experiencing homelessness, diverted around 100 emergency department and urgent care visits, and saved around $100,000 in health care costs. Harrell continues to expand the efforts of SHOW. In Feb. 2017, she formed a partnership with Crossroads, a substance abuse treatment center for men, women and veterans. Since that time, students have also served nearly 300 residents and family members through the Crossroads partnership. It is important to Harrell to not only support SHOW professionally, but also personally. When asked why she donates to SHOW, she says “I choose to give to SHOW because it is an innovative program that provides students in health profession programs and undergraduate students interested in healthcare the ability to learn about, from and with each other while delivering interprofessional care for vulnerable populations in our community. To me, SHOW is an exemplar in education; a hands on learning laboratory that connects students to real world experiences while making a positive impact on each other and those we serve.”

Please consider joining Rick Hall and Liz Harrell, and supporting CONHI students through unique learning opportunities on Sun Devil Giving Day, March 22nd.  Contact Kati Martinez at kati.martinez@asu.edu for more information.