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Colleen Keller
Regents Professor (FSC)

Colleen Keller was the first Foundation Professor in Women's Health at ASU. She is also the director for the Center for Healthy Outcomes in Aging.

NHI 286
Felipe Castro

Felipe Castro's research interests include health promotion and relapse prevention in Hispanic populations, with focus on motivational aspects in HIV prevention, drug abuse, cancer, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

College of Nursing and Health Innovation Office: HLTH S 358E
David Coon
Assoc Dean & Professor - R.I.S.E.

David W. Coon designs and evaluates interventions, such as CarePRO and EPIC, that focus on culturally diverse groups of midlife and older adults facing chronic illnesses (dementia, cancer, depression) and family caregivers.

NHI 1 268
Bronwynne Evans
Sr Dir & Professor (FSC)

Bronwynne Evans pioneered the acceptance of culturally and physically diverse students into the nursing profession and engages in research on caregiving in Mexican-American families.

MERC-C 110
Julie Fleury

Julie Fleury's research interests include community-based interventions, theory testing, model generation and exercise health.

NHI2 324
Pauline Komnenich

Pauline Komnenich is a professor and director of the Nurse Educator Program. Among her research interests are family caregiving of older adults cross culturally, caregiver dyads, end-of-life issues, and nursing education.

CONHI Downtown 500 North 3rd Street
Gerri Lamb
Center Director + Research Professor

Gerri Lamb's research interests include nursing care delivery systems and patient outcomes with focus on nurse care coordination within and across settings, and interprofessional practice to improve healthcare environments.

Linda Larkey

Linda Larkey's research interests include testing theory-based methods of communicating health messages to underserved/low-income populations and examining mind-body methods of alleviating symptoms in cancer survivors.

Campus: NHI1 Rm 324
Rebecca Lee

Rebecca E. Lee is a community psychologist with 25 years of experience, currently leading SAGE: Sustainability via Active Garden Education (SAGE) to promote physical activity in in young Latino children (U01 MD010667-01).

Karen Marek
Professor (FSC)

Karen Marek's research interests include community-based care models, cost effectiveness, care coordination, older adults, quality evaluation, medication management and home-based technology.

Teri Pipe
Chief Wellbeing Off & Profr

Teri Pipe is an expert on mindfulness and nursing leadership with focus on interprofessionalism. She is ASU's Chief Well-Being Officer and founding director of the Center for Mindfulness, Compassion and Resilience.

Elizabeth Reifsnider
Professor (FSC)

Elizabeth Reifsnider is the associate dean for research and Nancy Melvin Professor of Pediatric Nursing in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at ASU.

Craig Thatcher
Sr Assoc Dean & Professor

Craig D. Thatcher's research interest is in the area of comparative nutrition and the role of antioxidant nutrients in health and disease, particularly as it relates to obesity and insulin resistance.

550 North 3rd Street Bldg. NHI-2
Shawn Youngstedt

Dr. Youngstedt is a professor in CONHI and Health Solutions at ASU, and at the Phoenix VA. His research focuses on non-pharmacologic treatments for sleep and circadian rhythm disorders, and hazards of long sleep.

Angela Chen
Assoc Professor

Angela Chia-Chen Chen's research interests include HIV/STI and substance abuse prevention, and mental health issues among ethnic minority and immigrant youth, HPV vaccine promotion, and cross-cultural research.

NHI 382
Kelly Davis
Associate Professor

Kelly Cue Davis' research interests include health risk behaviors, with a particular emphasis on the intersection of sexual violence, sexual risk, and substance use.

Robert Ismeurt
Assoc Professor

Robert Ismeurt's research interests range from long-term survivorship in HIV/AIDS, psychoneuroimmunology approaches to practice and biomarkers of sexual orientation to sexual and gender identity.

NHI-2 301J
Shelby Langer
Assoc Professor

Shelby Langer's research interests include dyadic communication and emotion regulation within the context of chronic illness, cancer survivorship and palliative care, cancer caregiving, parent-child dynamics in pediatric pain

Marianne McCarthy
Assoc Professor
NHI 234
Gabriel Shaibi
Center Dir (ACD) & Asc Profsr

Gabriel Shaibi's research examines obesity-related health in high-risk and vulnerable populations with an emphasis on understanding and preventing cardiometabolic diseases in obese youth.

NHI 358D
Rodney Joseph
Assistant Professor

Rodney Joseph is a behavioral scientist with a program of research focused on the development of behavioral interventions to promote physical activity and reduce cardiometabolic disease risk among minority women.

Lesly Kelly
Asst Professor

Lesly Kelly studies the role of nursing in patient outcomes in acute care; compassion fatigue; burnout; nursing workforce issues; and the effect of system and technology influences on nursing and patient outcomes.

500 N 3rd St Office NHI-1 330
Sunny Kim
Asst Professor
500 N. 3rd St. MC3020 Office: Health South 358K
Narayanan Krishnamurthi
Asst Professor

Professor Krishnamurthi's main research interests include developing therapeutic interventions to preserve function (mobility and quality of life) in aging population, improve/restore function with neurological disorders.

College of Nursing & Health Innovation (CONHI) 500 North 3rd Street, O: NHI-I, 378
Annmarie Lyles
SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching

Annmarie Lyles' research interests focus on adolescent body perceptions, health promotion, and use of interactive avatar applications to monitor health goals. She is testing the Monitor Your Avatar (MYA) App for Grades 9-12.

500 N 3rd Street Office: 358D
Megan Petrov
Asst Professor

Megan Petrov's researches sleep; sleep disorders; health disparities; behavioral sleep medicine; health outcomes and services research; mental health; treatment adherence; pain; stroke; and cardiovascular disease.

Chanam Shin
Asst Professor

Chanam Shin's research interests include immigrants, cultural diversity in nursing education, health promotion in adult population through healthy lifestyle, theoretical model testing, instrument development and testing.

Brenda Hosley
Dir & Clinical Assoc Profsr (FSC)

Brenda L Hosley is a clinical associate professor in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

HLTH South 326
Charlotte Armbruster
Clinical Assoc Professor

Quality Matters: Master Reviewer Certificate, 2011-present and Peer Reviewer Certificate, 2011 - present

Clinical Asst Professor
John Bowles
Professor of Practice (FSC)

John Bowles research interests include cardiovascular health among older diverse populations, symptom management, healthcare seeking behaviors, cardiovascular disease awareness among women and U.S.-Mexico border health issues

Dean Chiarelli
Clinical Asst Professor

Dean Chiarelli's research interests include environmental health, food safety, health promotion, community health, vegetarian diets, and sports nutrition.

Clinical Assistant Professor

Kimberly Day teaches in the undergraduate pre-licensure nursing program. She has experience in the ICU, med/surg, tele, oncology, and the operating room. She also worked for Donor Network and as a paramedic prior to nursing.

Ann Guthery
Clinical Asst Professor
Debra Hagler
Clinical Professor (FSC)

Debra Hagler is board certified in adult advanced nursing practice, nursing education and healthcare simulation. She also supports faculty in instructional project development, course management, and academic writing.

550 N 3rd Street Health North 320


Ruth Flucker
SUM Instructor-NotPreCollected
College of Nursing and Health Innovation
Virginia Livingston

Virginia Livingston is a clinical instructor in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Her research interests include chronic illness, movement therapies and support groups, and alternative health.

304BA NHI 2
Kristin Lockwood

Born in Papillion, Nebraska (suburb of Omaha), Kristin Lockwood is a community health clinical instructor with the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University. She joined ASU in 2016.


Carol Moffett's nursing experience has been primarily focused on work in the community setting, as a home health nurse, and in public health nursing. She is currently working in the research setting at NIH.

Leah Randolph
Nathalie Rennell

Nathalie Rennell is an instructor in the RN-BSN/CEP programs and on the honors faculty with the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University.

DPC, Mercado 502 E. Monroe, Bldg. C, Suite 105.
Angela Allen
Valerie Hardwick
Lorraine Hirani
Lynette Shaw-Smith

Shaw-Smith teaches WAC 107, ENG 17, and ENG 108. Shaw-Smith has many years of experience teaching International students at all ages and all levels.

Ross-Blakley Hall 205AA PO Box 871401
Dena Taylor

Dena is a faculty professor in the college of nursing health and innovation (COHNI).in the undergraduate BSN program. Her nursing experience is in Medical Telemetry, Cardiovascular Recovery Unit and Emergency Department.

Andrew Alberts
Faculty Associate

Andrew Alberts has seven years of ICU RN experience in medical ICU, neuro ICU, and neuro Trauma ICU and more than two years of clinical faculty experience.

Angela Allen
SUM/WTR Faculty Other

Jennifer Allen is a nurse practitioner, runner and triathlete, and teaches in the Doctorate of Nursing Practice program at ASU. She specializes in women's healthcare.

Rojann Alpers
Associate Professor

Rojann Alpers' research interests include adolescent pregnancy, family caregiver needs, nursing education and public and international health.

College of Nursing and Health Innovation 500 North 3rd Street NHI 1 Room 336
Eboni Anderson
Clinical Assistant Professor
Dtphx - Health South 330
Charlotte Armbruster
Clinical Assoc Professor

Quality Matters: Master Reviewer Certificate, 2011-present and Peer Reviewer Certificate, 2011 - present

Dawn Augusta
Clinical Associate Professor

I believe the strength of a community is found in the weave of its people. The tighter, the better.

550 N 3rd Street #336
Carol Baldwin
Professor Emeritus (FSC)
NHI1 Room 239
Faculty Assoc
Nancy Baumhover
SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching

Nancy Baumhover's research interests include nursing education, knowledge development, family presence, adult critical care, and end-of-life in the context of adult critical care.

Faculty Associate
Clinical Asst Professor
SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching
Jennie Bever
Assistant Research Professor,

Jennie Bever Babendure research interests include obesity, inflammation, endocrine dysfunction and lactation outcomes, women's health and the use of social media to advance health advocacy campaigns.

College of Nursing and Health Innovation NHI-1 Room 310
Mary Bogat
Faculty Associate
Faculty Associate
Associate Professor
John Bowles
Professor of Practice (FSC)

John Bowles research interests include cardiovascular health among older diverse populations, symptom management, healthcare seeking behaviors, cardiovascular disease awareness among women and U.S.-Mexico border health issues

Mary Burleson
Associate Professor

Mary H. Burleson is an Associate Professor in Psychology. She earned her Ph.D. in Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience program) from Arizona State University in 1994. Her postdoctoral training was at Ohio State University in t

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