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The Caring for Person’s with Alzheimer’s disease and Other Related Dementias and their Families Across the Continuum of Care online series was made possible by funding from the John A. Hartford Foundation and Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust.

Caring for Alzheimer's Disease and Dementias

Caring for Persons with Alzheimer’s disease and Other Related Dementias and their Families Across the Continuum of Care

This educational series is composed of four online, self-paced learning modules to increase the knowledge and skills of nursing and other healthcare professionals to enable them to facilitate optimal dementia care and family support during all stages of the illness.

Mild Dementia: Promoting Function and Maintaining Independence
Module 1 of 4
Content includes: review of early stage dementia, medical care and expected outcomes, behavioral challenges and strategies, functional changes and support, educational needs, long-term planning, and lifestyle and pleasant events.
(2.5 CNE contact hours)

Moderate Dementia: Functional Losses and Management
Module 2 of 4
Content includes: symptoms of moderate dementia, excess disability, medical management, progressively lowered stress threshold, planning care, and outcome measures.
(1.4 CNE contact hours)

Advanced Dementia: The Need for Palliative Care
Module 3 of 4
Content includes: stages, progression and impact of dementia; medical care focus; palliative care, behavioral challenges and approaches; functional changes and support; and long term planning.

(2.0 CNE contact hours)

End-of-Life and Hospice: Focus on Aggressive Comfort Care
Module 4 of 4
Content includes: clinical signs and symptoms of end-stage dementia; dying and dementia; priorities and goals for care; risk and benefit of treatment; assessment and intervention; and care for the caregiver.
(2.0 CNE contact hours)

Each of the dementia courses above includes a bonus module, "Overview and Diagnosis," which awards an additional 1.5 CNE contact hours. (Contact hours for the bonus module are awarded one time only.)