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Brenna Tonelli

BAS Applied Science - Personal Care Emphasis

The BAS Applied Science (Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation) with an emphasis on personal care, is designed for students with an AAS degree who desire to expand and diversify their education to broaden career opportunities in the revolutionized industry of personal care and aesthetics. This forward-thinking degree prepares students for careers that meet the needs and expectations of 21st century consumers and markets.

Students will gain an understanding of the principles of innovation, leadership, communication, psychology, ethics, science, finance, collaboration, and evidence-based decision making. Graduates will be prepared to transform, innovate, and elevate standards in the personal care industry that extend into the future.

Courses in entrepreneurship will motivate students to develop innovative, state of the art customized services, study the science of personal care and apply technologies including virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, digital technology, and big data to understand consumer behavior and markets as related to personal care.

Built into the degree option are opportunities for internship experiences across an array of professional venues that offer a real-world view of the current and future nature of the personal care industry.

This program can also lead to a 4+1 accelerated pathway to the Master of Healthcare Innovation.

Key program areas of emphasis

  • The principles of innovation, leadership, and complexity science as related to health care in general and personal care in particular.
  • Critical thinking about diversified personal care/wellness approaches, therapies, modalities and practitioners
  • Competence in the design, application and testing of innovative consumer centric processes and products.
  • Principles of mindfulness and reflective practices.

This program is developed through a partnership between Arizona State University, Maricopa Community Colleges, L’Oréal and Rolfs Global.