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Academy of Lactation Programs

Lactation Clinical Internship

ASU expert faculty in the lactation and education field have developed an integrated 530 hours of clinical internship with one of the lowest prices in the industry from accredited universities.  This internship gives an in-depth perspective of the lactation consultant profession. The Academy of Lactation Education Programs has a team of clinical experts ready to support you along the journey. The program is part of the Edson School of Nursing and Health Care Innovation. 


Program Sessions



Application deadline: November 1st

Start date: January 15th


Application deadline: March 1st

Start date: May 15th


Application deadline: June 1st

Start date: August 15th


Current clinical placement is in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. 

Outside of Phoenix area clinical placement contact:


Program Details

  • 18-months to complete. The clinical schedule is arranged in coordination with the clinical sites. 

  • Application Fee: $75

  • IBLCE Pathway 3 Fee: ~$100

  • Tuition: $2500. Payment plan available 

  • Clinical Placement and On-Boarding Fees: ~$300

  • Use same course materials from 95-hour lactation education program

Next Steps

Questions about the lactation internship program? Please contact