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Hartford Scholarship (QTabs)

We are seeking applicants for a pre-doctoral fellowship with emphasis placed on (1) developing expertise in meeting the unique and growing needs of a diverse older adult population and (2) committing to an academic career. The fellowships are designed to prepare gerontological nursing faculty who have expertise not only in promoting healthy aging, but also in meeting the unique and growing needs of the Southwest’s ethnically diverse, immigrant, frail and advanced elderly population in both rural and urban areas.


Scholar applicants must:

  • Be a registered nurse
  • Hold degree(s) in nursing
  • Enroll or be accepted in a doctoral nursing degree program with a focus on research (not including DNP)
  • Be a United States citizens or permanent U.S. residents
  • Plan an academic and research career in aging
  • Demonstrate potential for long-term contributions to gerontological nursing.

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