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Center for World Health

This center is a transdisciplinary enterprise that develops collaborations and implements culturally responsive health promotion and disease prevention interventions across the life continuum for the purpose of improving physical and mental health outcomes across the globe.    

The Center was established in early 2009 to provide an infrastructure to the global health activities of the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Carol Baldwin, associate professor and Southwest Borderlands Scholar is director.


Collaboration, Research, Education, Dissemination and Outcomes (CREDO) are integral to our mission. Diverse faculty, staff and collaborators provide a broad foundation for our objectives:

  • Conduct trans-disciplinary research with local to global partners to prevent/reduce the morbidity/mortality associated with chronic non-communicable diseases (obesity, asthma, cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders, mood disorders, cancer);
  • Obtain research funding for culturally, regionally and globally responsive health promotion/disease prevention interventions;
  • Test and integrate innovative, evidence-based, cost-effective health promotion/risk reducing products and processes to improve quality of care and quality of life in developed and developing countries in the presence and absence of natural (e.g., hurricanes, earthquakes) and human made disasters (e.g., war).