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Couple Communication in Cancer: A Multi-Method Examination

For patients and their intimate partners, cancer poses significant physical and emotional challenges that can negatively impact both individuals and the couple as a whole. Accumulating evidence suggests that couples’ ability to communicate effectively, or lack thereof, plays a major role in the psychological adjustment of both individuals and the quality of their relationship. Two key conceptual models have been proposed to account for how communication difficulties lead to poorer outcomes: the social-cognitive processing model and the relationship intimacy model. These models posit different mechanisms and processes affecting outcomes, and thus have substantially different implications for intervention. The purpose of the proposed project is to test and compare the utility of these models using comprehensive and methodologically rigorous methods.

Project Details

Shelby Langer
Principal Investigator

CONHI Faculty
No additional faculty on project.
Research Area(s)
HHS-National Institute of Health

Funding Duration
2017 to 2021