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EPIC: A Group-based Intervention for Early-stage AD Dyads in Diverse

This project addresses key limitations of previous studies by conducting an RCT with EPIC (Early-stage Partners in Care), an early-stage, group dyadic intervention, already offered in a pilot in diverse Arizona communities through community-based organizations that yielded positive EP and CP outcomes related to health and well-being. Offered in English and Spanish, the proposed RCT, EPIC II, will expand EPIC across two states with an even more diverse sample and include maintenance of gains assessments. EPIC is an interdisciplinary collaboration of well-established community partners, a promotores network, and nationally recognized experts in AD caregiving and caregiving intervention research, implementation, and translation. Its innovation lies in a unique combination of skills training and care planning that helps EPs articulate their care values and preferences and become active decision makers with their CPs to achieve positive outcomes. 

Project Details

David Coon
Principal Investigator

CONHI Faculty
Michael Todd
Research Area(s)
Long-term care
Population Health
Hispanic / Latino Population
HHS: National Institutes of Health (NIH)/National Institute on Aging

Funding Duration
2016 to 2021