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Examining Compassion Fatigue In Nurse Leadership

The purpose of this study is to examine compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction in acute care nurse leadership. Compassion fatigue in the nurse leader population has the potential to not only negatively impact nurse leaders and their own retention turnover rates, but also the unit’s function, satisfaction, and work environment. This study used mixed methods to understand compassion fatigue in the nurse leader population, examining the effects in relation to both the individual nurse leaders and the potentials effects on the leader’s unit. The implications of this research are to generate knowledge to implement competencies for the leader to gain skills and resiliency techniques that improve the leader, the unit, and patient care. 

Project Details

Lesly Kelly
Principal Investigator

CONHI Faculty
No additional faculty on project.
Research Area(s)
Population Health
Public/Community Health
Arizona State University Foundation (ASUF)/AONE Foundation for Nursing Leadership Research and Education

Funding Duration
2016 to 2017