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Maryvale Promotores Movement

This project conducts outreach within Maryvale and identify Promotores working formally/informally in the community. Project staff engage Maryvale Promotores in the Promotores HOPE Network to receive continued support, training, and ongoing development of the Promotores Model; host and coordinate trainings at quarterly meetings to engage Promotores to help address community food insecurity that will support the Maryvale Ending Hunger Taskforce Initiatives; and help identify and implement ways to incentivize Promotores in Maryvale to participate in the Maryvale Ending Hunger Taskforce in order to create sustainable community-driven efforts to prevent food insecurity. 

Project Details

David Coon
Principal Investigator

CONHI Faculty
Berta Carbajal
Research Area(s)
Population Health
Hispanic / Latino Population
Valley of the Sun United Way

Funding Duration
2016 to 2017