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Current Projects

Research is the complement to your classroom experience at ASU. At ASU’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, undergraduates and graduates alike are able to work with faculty on great challenges ranging in health and health care.

Listed below are active research projects being conducted by our renowned faculty. Students interested in participating with a research project should contact the principle investigator. 

Couple Communication in Cancer: A Multi-Method Examination

For patients and their intimate partners, cancer poses significant physical and emotional challenges that can negatively impact both individuals and the couple as a whole. Accumulating evidence...
PI: Shelby Langer


Creating and Sustaining Dementia-Capable Service Systems for People with Dementia and their Family Caregivers

This collaboration among ADES-DAAS, ADRC, ASU, the Alzheimer’s Association, and the Arizona Caregiver Coalition is designed to help create a sustainability home and community-based dementia...
PI: David Coon

AgingAlzheimer        CaregivingPalliative Care        Families

Developing principles and guidelines for local teacher-initiated adaptation in implementation of evidence-based interventions (ASUF 30006861)

This study is focused on reviewing 39 schools in Ohio and Pennsylvania that were part of a previous research study that was conducted five years ago where a drug prevention intervention called “...
PI: Felipe Castro

FamiliesAdolescents        Population HealthPublic/Community Health

Development & Evaluation of Social Media-based Testimonials Targeting Potential ADRD Research Participants within the Latino/Hispanic Community

In partnership with Barrow Neurological Institute and through a series of focus groups, this project creates and evaluates digital recruitment clips and supercuts for outreach and recruitment...
PI: David Coon

Aging        Caregiving        Population HealthHispanic / Latino Population

Development of Digital Storytelling Intervention to Promote Vietnamese American (ASUF 30007302)

Human papilloma virus (HPV) infection is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States; related healthcare costs are about $1.7 billion U.S. annually. Vietnamese American...
PI: Angela Chen
CONHI Investigator: Linda Larkey; CONHI Investigator: Sunny Kim

Infectious Disease        Population HealthAsian American Population

Effects of Meditative Movement (QigongTai Chi Easy) on Fatigued Breast Cancer Survivors

Patients with breast cancer often report fatigue and other associated symptoms that persist for months, even years, after treatment ends. In a recent feasibility pilot study of Qigong/Tai Chi Easy...
PI: Linda Larkey

Cancer        Meditation

EPIC: A Group-based Intervention for Early-stage AD Dyads in Diverse

This project addresses key limitations of previous studies by conducting an RCT with EPIC (Early-stage Partners in Care), an early-stage, group dyadic intervention, already offered in a pilot in...
PI: David Coon
CONHI Investigator: Michael Todd

AgingAlzheimer        CaregivingLong-term care        Population HealthHispanic / Latino Population

Feasibility, Acceptability and Preliminary Efficacy of A Computer-Tailored Intervention to Promote HPV Vaccination in Uninsured and Underinsured Families

HPV infection is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the U.S.; the infection rate is as high as 50% in sexually active individuals under age of 25, highlighting the significance of...
PI: Angela Chen
CONHI Investigator: Felipe Castro; CONHI Investigator: Michael Todd

Infectious Disease        Population HealthUnderserved Populations

GWEP (Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program) Empowering Caregiver Self-Care

This initiative will focus on the development of training modules and provider sheets aimed at family caregivers with the theme of empowering caregiver self-care, as well as adapting an existing...
PI: David Coon
CONHI Investigator: Pauline Komnenich; CONHI Investigator: Julie Fleury

AgingAlzheimer        Caregiving

Mapping Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Opportunities in Maryvale, AZ

Develop a smartphone application using Geographical Information System (GIS) mapping to identify physical and social supports for health promotion and disease prevention in Maryvale, AZ.

PI: Gabriel Shaibi
CONHI Investigator: Felipe Castro

Health Outreach        Technology