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Current Projects

Research is the complement to your classroom experience at ASU. At ASU’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, undergraduates and graduates alike are able to work with faculty on great challenges ranging in health and health care.

Listed below are active research projects being conducted by our renowned faculty. Students interested in participating with a research project should contact the principle investigator. 

Partnering for Physical Activity in Early Childhood: Sustainability via Active Garden Education

Sustainability via Active Garden Education (SAGE) is a garden based physical activity and nutrition early care and education-based intervention for preschool-aged children. The SAGE curriculum...
PI: Rebecca Lee
CONHI Investigator: Gabriel Shaibi; CONHI Investigator: Michael Todd

FamiliesChildhood        Nutrition        Physical Activity

Preventing Childhood Obesity through Early Feeding and Parenting Guidance

This study will demonstrate that community health workers (CHW), supervised by public health nurses, can deliver a home-based obesity prevention intervention to low-income Mexican and Mexican-...
PI: Elizabeth Reifsnider
CONHI Investigator: Michael Todd

Chronic DiseaseObesity        FamiliesChildhood        Population HealthHispanic / Latino Population