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JB Metzger Spirit of Life Scholarship

Central to the core values of nursing is the Spirit of Life. Nurses have a rare opportunity to directly affect the lives of thousands during their working career, and to lift people up. Who a caregiver is, their quality of character, often determines their success in life as much as what they know. The Spirit of Life scholarship is given to spotlight those qualities so important to being a significant person, and to improving and sustaining the lives of others.

A Scholarship of Celebration

The Spirit of Life was abundant in JB Metzger, a 2002 ASU graduate who emerged as a leader in the mortgage industry and was president of The Metzger Group before his loss in a traffic accident at age 28. People who knew JB invariably talk about his great enthusiasm and joy in the activities of the day. Friends describe him as “the hardest worker I ever met in my life. He always shot for the stars, always strove for excellence in whatever he was doing, whether school or work." It was said that everyone loved JB because his friendship knew no bounds—once you were in his book of friends you were there forever. He was always positive and believed that confidence can overcome anything. He encouraged others by sharing his belief that success at work or in life lies in improving three factors:

                    Ability is what you are capable of doing
                    Motivation determines what you do
                    Attitude determines how well you do it

The Spirit of Life scholarship is meant to encourage nurse recipients to bring the power of who they are to bear on their important work. As an example, each morning JB would send uplifting text messages to a group of friends. The last one he sent before he passed serves as a reminder to all of how to impact the world:

                    "Good morning. On the menu today we have two choices:

                    1) You can choose to make it a good day.
                    2) You can choose to allow the day to get you down.

                    Choose now . . . "

The scholarship is provided by Stephanie and Clay Sherman, JB’s mother and stepfather, to support a profession that has meant much to their lives personally and professionally, honor Stephanie Sherman’s son in a significant and meaningful way, and recognize leadership traits important to them and the nursing profession as a whole. ASU’s College of Nursing & Health Innovation was selected because JB Metzger was an ASU alumnus, and its local presence enables them to be engaged with the college and involved in the mentorship of students.


Eligible Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) student(s) will be invited to submit an application. The scholarship is renewable for up to two years for the BSN, and may be extended into a master’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.5 on a 4 point scale.