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Announcements and Opportunities



Fall Welcome Guide

Apply here

Are you interested in assisting first-year students with their transition into college? If you are, apply to be a Fall Welcome Guide! Fall Welcome Guides support new students through move-in events, Sun Devil Tuesday, the College Assembly, and so much more. This leadership role will allow you to get to know your peers, engage with college leadership, and create memorable experiences. 



Nursing Scholarships for First-Generation College Students 

Many undergraduate scholarships specify eligibility or priority selection for first-generation college students. If you are first-generation, make sure that you are searching and applying for scholarships with this requirement. For a list of some first-gen scholarships, click here. Also, be sure to regularly check the ASU Scholarship Portal for opportunities.



Edson College Council

Calling all Edson students! Edson College Council is an organization for all students within Edson College to come share their ideas about ways to change and improve our college, and to have a voice represent the student body to the Edson College faculty. If you are interested in being a part of this organization, join on SunDevilSync to receive emails about meeting reminders! 


Top 5 Places to Study

Learn more here

Finals week for the Spring 2021 semester is here. If you need ideas of chill places to study around the Downtown Campus, be sure to check out our Top 5 study spots list. 


Studying Hacks

Tips & Tricks

Studying for finals can be a challenge. If you are struggling or just need some guidance, click the link above for some tips & tricks on how to study, how to stay motivated while you study, and different resources to help you when you’re studying. 



Meditation and Stress Relief

Check out this resource

Are you feeling overwhelmed by finals? Learn how to focus on the here and now with meditation. Meditation can help you to manage your stress, reduce anxiety, check in with your body and it’s needs, get better sleep, and be happier.