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STTI Beta Upsilon Chapter


The honor society provides leadership and scholarship in practice, education and research to enhance the health of all people. We support the learning and professional development of our members, who strive to improve nursing care worldwide.

Sigma Theta Tau is committed to five strategic directions that will guide it as it fulfills its mission:

  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Communities
  • Sustainability


To create a global community of nurses who lead in using scholarship, knowledge and technology to improve the health of the world’s people.


1. Recognize superior achievement.

2. Recognize the development of leadership qualities.

3. Foster high professional standards.

4. Encourage creative work.

5. Strengthen commitment to the ideals and purposes of the profession.

Awards and Scholarships

The STTI awards are only offered to the STTI members at Fall and Spring inductions and is through STTI Beta Upsilon. The Gary Brown scholarship is offered through the STTI Beta Upsilon chapter to College of Nursing and Health Innovation students but do not need to be members of STTI.

  • Gary Brown Scholarship ($1000)
  • Nancy Melvin Research Grant (up to $1000)
  • Beta Upsilon Chapter Awards:
    • Excellence in Research
    • Excellence in Education
    • Excellence in Mentorship
    • Excellence in Practice
    • Excellence in Leadership


STTI Beta Upsilon chapter hosts a spring and a fall induction ceremony for new members. We also have a spring and a fall general business meeting.

For more information and upcoming event announcements, please visit

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