2020 Health Innovation Exhibition

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Health Innovation Exhibition

The Health Innovation Exhibition is a platform for showcasing the health innovation project within our ASU 101 first-year seminar. The health innovation project serves as a tool to help students become familiar with entrepreneurship and innovation while working on a team. First-year students, under the guidance of faculty, reflect on real-world problems within the realm of health care with the goal of generating innovative and timely solutions. Students work in groups of 3-4 individuals to complete the project.

It is time to rid students of the signature staple of school that may actually be doing more harm than good.
An app through ASU to have students get connected to jobs/experience opportunities easier and more efficiently by providing contacts, job information, locations, and applications.
A new way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 without wearing a mask. The COVID Intervene-er will spray your body when entering a building and will provide a protective shield around you.
Our solution is to bring emotional support animals to caregivers' homes. This allows for time spent to reduce stress without the commitment of owning a pet.
The combination of support groups and VR are guaranteed to combat the taboo around compassion fatigue!
In low-income communities, teens are more susceptible to binge drinking and teen pregnancy. Our solution is to partner with schools to implement educational classes.
Our project is to create a way for aging patients to feel more comfortable in hospitals while they are being taken care of as well as provide these patients with some mental health help.
Health care facilities would provide a tablet with an app and a set of headphones that translate the information to the patient in a language they can understand.
Worldwide, there is a problem promoting a smooth transition for nursing graduates. Our solution is to create a virtual, diverse, and accessible mentorship program.
High school and college students have unnecessary stress that can be difficult to manage and overcome. This app tracks and manages everyday schedules to increase efficiency and minimize stress.
We propose a new security and testing system for minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus within ASU campuses, utilizing previously existing as well as new methods.
Pass the Plate is an application made for children to take photos of their food and track their portions of each food group required to maintain a healthy diet.
We need to provide high school students with different resources to help them develop self-compassion and emotional intelligence in order to help them alleviate stress.
We will find businesses that are willing to help donate formal attire to those in need. This will benefit the homeless by giving them the opportunity to look presentable during job interviews.
This product can help alleviate mental health-related issues in regard to media consumption. A watch that monitors stress via heart rate and can help manage stress through customizable feedback.
Teens are affected daily by social media. It is time to help teens feel less influenced by social media to help their mental health.
Because of the impact COVID-19 had on recently graduated students, we have come up with an idea to provide a safe COVID free learning environment.
Alcohol intoxication can lead to sexual violence, especially on college campuses. By taking DAMPENX, one can stay sober for longer and hopefully make better choices.
Opening Garden Centers in low-income neighborhoods will give a positive outlook and provide opportunities within the community.
Since the project involves children that are victims, what’s more, therapeutic for children than coloring books? This will be a diary but only for kids.
We found ways that we could reduce that amount of stress and some of those ways are giving health care workers a self-care week.
This project describes the benefits of using medical marijuana to treat palliative care patients as opposed to traditional treatment and a possible way to increase education about the topic.
The line of communication between a caregiver and a patient is not always effective. This causes the quality of care for patients to decrease, as they don't know what their caregiver is telling them.
What happens when mental illness goes untreated? We are helping adults who have suffered from the long term effects of untreated depression through health outreach.
Aging adults with cognitive impairment are prone to incorrectly self-administer prescription medication. This affects their physical and psychological health, families, caretakers, and physicians.
College students do not get enough sleep, especially when living in a dorm room. To fix this, we created a new and improved blind technology to be put into their room.
United nurses is a work-friendly organization/app providing employers with the best resources to ensure that palliative care nurse's stress levels are at a minimum.
It has been proven that helmets lessen the extent of concussions but then don't entirely prevent it, this helmet however will detect brain injuries and help diagnose them.
Pop-up clinics in Latino communities that will reach the population and provide cheap health care and educational programs regarding nutritional eating, healthy habits, and how to stay active.
Nurses driving home from a night shift while sleep-deprived is dangerous, we developed a bracelet solution that vibrates to keep the nurse awake and monitors vitals in the event of an emergency.
Apparel designed to spark conversation between people with Alzheimer’s or dementia and the people around them in the hope of educating the public on how having Alzheimer's and Dementia affects people.
Changes are being made towards LGBTQ communities and how they receive health care, which makes them more vulnerable to being discriminated against.
The idea is to communicate with patients to prevent falling out of their bed. It also informs them to call their nurse for help.
Lunch lockers are cold, safe spaces for lunches that reduce backpack weight and pain. It allows for more nutritious and better tasting food for students.
Due to COVID-19, health care workers are working hectic shifts, leading to an increase in stress and anxiety. The Med Pod was created to help frontline workers with their physical and mental health.
This application is an augmented reality game for children of Chinese descent, which shows them how to balance their plates with foods familiar to them.
This project is about the cost of palliative care and how, because insurance doesn’t cover it, we can raise money for those who can’t afford to pay for palliative care.
Aging adults with unmet needs relating to social determinants of health such as food insecurity rely on acute care services more than the general population.
Decreasing acute care stays for the aging population by educating them on technology.
Introducing our solution to bland and lacking resumes! We explore a more technological and practical approach to demonstrating a potential candidate’s skills and knowledge of a particular job.
There are many misunderstandings with the term LGBTQ in the United States. This affects the people who are a part of this community and may lead to mental and physical health issues.
Our presentation addresses how health care workers suffer from mental illnesses and how they can cause longer patient stays.
Taking away school stress and anxiety can be easy with a simple device that can be placed in classrooms all across the United States.
Our idea is an insertable shoe insole that can detect when a patient stands up or walks.
Our project is about pediatric cancer patients not being introduced early to palliative care. Our solution involves the creation of an organization and much more.
The Vaccinator is your new best friend when it comes to distributing the COVID-19 vaccine. It delivers an easy to use EpiPen-like device to allow individuals to self administer.
The primary concern for head injury for children in the U.S. is playground equipment. To educate parents, theaters, and streaming services should show PSAs as commercials during children’s entertainment.
Walking through a park, you notice a homeless man struggling to feed his furry companion. With our innovative solution, no dog will go hungry again!
Would you rather have a health care specialist with prior experience before going into the workforce or someone who just passed all of their classes? This solution can improve your skills and your resume.
Feeling stressed in your workweek? Have a dose of relief with pre-made stress relieving packages.
Everyday challenges affect everyone’s mental health, but what if there was an app where people could digitally journal, and approach different stresses through your phone?
Cabin fever, a problem of the past, has returned as the pandemic forces many to cope with stale quarantine life, often by turning to alcohol.
Helping Hands for the Homeless offers a central hub where homeless and vulnerable populations can access the assistance they need, as well as a place of address for getting a job.
Coronavirus targets respiratory systems, but medical technology advances afford hope of repairing lung damage for the millions who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.
We will examine and discuss the cultural disparities for African Americans and their access to health care information.
This acronym encompasses the protocol that will be implemented into the nursing school curriculum so that future nurses can better identify victims of human trafficking.
​This shuttle offers transportation to and from the free clinics and provides prenatal education. Pregnant women could receive the prenatal care they need.
An interactive way for teens to learn how to process and regulate their stress in a healthy way.
Pregorexia is a key issue with pregnant women who have struggled with past eating disorders. Our product aims to solve this by combining technology and everyday accessories.
Palliative care patients with memory loss diseases deserve proper psychiatric care - our mission is to ensure that every patient receives proper help.
College students everywhere struggle with immense amounts of sleep deprivation and insomnia. Our product helps to ensure students are able to fall asleep in a natural and safe way.
There is a large issue with the communication system utilized by health care workers. This issue has led to wrongful deaths and issues of mistrust between the patient and the team.
Social media plays a role in eating disorders. We created web extensions that prevent harmful content that promotes eating disorders.
Ever felt unheard and attacked at your own workplace? The End of Health Care Bullying promotes healthy colleague relationships.
Have you ever been in public and couldn't find an unsanitized surface? Our solution is a wearable band connected to a mask preventing contamination and offers easy cleaning.
Purposeful rounding would be easier for staff by giving checkups through an iPad. The patients will answer questions that will let their nurses know their current condition.
Love. Comfort. Nurture. These are all things children need for a positive mindset. Homeless children will find their fur-ever friend when they receive the unbearably cute “Wonderful Willow”!
A non-profit charity organization trying to give something back in hopes of easing the financial loss amongst caregivers.
Cat scratch disease is a problem related to the spread of a bacteria called Bartonella Henselae that is most commonly spread through the scratch or bite of a cat.
Do you love football games, but you are scared of being put at risk for catching COVID-19? Tey these pom poms, with the color of your, team along with a pre-filled hand sanitizer bottle!
Introducing an app that will match you with a potential career! Swipe left or right on what job you are interested in and see if you’re a match.
Many nurses experience burnout at some point within their careers. Granting nursing students the opportunity to engage in virtual reality simulations could solve this issue.
The family-friendly app, accessible to all, easy to use, interactive games, for all ages.
Is college stress detrimental to your mental health? Does exam anxiety cause sleepless nights? Mental health with college students is no joke!
Our organization, SABDA, will create an app and a training program to teach the younger generation about the dangers that come with binge drinking.
Color changing cups incorporate non-dairy milk into school lunch programs. These sustainable cups would encourage adolescents to drink less dairy to lower osteoporosis in the United States
Many mothers can not sleep when their baby is crying. This product is geared towards the nursing mother who suffers from sleep deprivation due to interruptions from newborn restlessness.
In rural areas, some people may have limited access to medicine and health care facilities, which presents a problem for low-income families and transport challenges.
Homeless communities struggle to obtain jobs due to the stigma that follows them. It’s imperative they have a safe space to get the help they need.
Decreasing fall rates by ensuring assistance and minimizing fall injuries are critical for high-risk patients.
By creating a grocery delivery phone application, food deserts within big cities can be solved by providing people with alternative access to fresh produce.
Terrified of getting COVID? Do the sounds of coughs and sneezes make you run? The uncertainty of who is carrying viruses makes living life impossible. Stop your anxiety with Covid Visualizers!
Lacking internet access seems like a thing of the past, but to some, it is still a modern marvel.
This project utilizes students earning a degree in the mental health field to provide assistance to caregivers via a mobile application.
The college experience has changed dramatically for new students due to a pandemic. Students are suffering anxiety and depression and we are here to help.
Providing an interactive experience to combat depression in the aging population living in nursing homes.
A new innovative approach may be to have schools give out a wifi device that has a built-in firewall that targets sites that may distract your children, like social media.
The Zoomin’ backpack is a relieving option for kids to store books and can ride on the backpack or walk if they want!
We created a way where a mobile fully functioning mini-hospital equipped with all the tools to provide vaccines in clean and safe environments.
Patients in health care facilities are at risk for many things ranging from physical injuries to even mental health issues.
Methods and solutions to figuring out how college graduates can find experience while graduating from college in a pandemic.
Music and massage therapy have helped so many people around the world. Our team has combined both to create a product to help college students alleviate stress.
With a rise in mental health cases in prisons, innovation is crucial to create better mental health standards for the prison population.
Have you ever thought about how your daily indulgences can affect your unborn baby? Hidden dangers in cat litter boxes, sushi, and even salad can put you and your baby at risk for toxoplasmosis.
While COVID obviously affected the health of millions, it also had a profound effect on the economy through its damage to small businesses.
Sign up for health care in well-trafficked areas.
Alzheimer’s disease often causes anxiety in both the affected individual as well as their caregiver. However, music can be therapeutic and decrease symptoms.
The pandemic has greatly impacted the mental health of individuals, especially those in quarantine. However, there can be effective ways to reduce this stress and improve health.
360 Sleep is a multi-technology combining a phone app, a sleep technology mattress, and a soothing alarm clock. This product will give users a revolutionary sleep experience.
A modern technology that will remind a person of poor neck posture with a buzzing sticker on the back of the neck to enhance better posture.
App and counselor services for health care workers, patients, and their families to prevent and treat compassion fatigue efficiently and effectively with the help of professionals.
Our product, which is a ring, can detect the perspiration and vibrate to let the user know that they need to practice a quick movement of mindfulness.
The idea is to transform recreational vehicles into a storage place for medical supplies and equipment. This allows easy transportation to hospitals and correct supply installation and storage.
Unfortunately, shelters are not adequately available to the homeless population, but don’t fret! With community comes efficiency! Ready to hear about our all-in solution?
The impact of stigmas on male caregivers impacts their mental health. By creating a social media campaign we hope to change this cycle and create hope for these people.
To combat binge eating disorder, which affects many college students, we have created a timer locked puzzle box that will hold foods typically binged on.
High schools should be encouraged to incorporate a mandatory elective course that educates students about the importance of physical activity and its connection to mental health.
To combat technological sleep disturbances in teenagers, we propose to include blue light, with an alarm clock tracking sleeping patterns, and a point system to appeal to teens.
There is a problem with the transgender community receiving the medical attention necessary to fulfill a healthy psychological and emotional lifestyle.
Now more than ever, masks are proven to be necessary as a method of protection against illnesses and viruses such as COVID-19.
Have a program installed on every single device made, that turns off when it notices poor posture.
Sexual violence is an ongoing issue at college parties. However, SafeWatch has built-in technological innovations to help protect those victims.
Stress and anxiety in college students cause health problems and lacking focus in class. This results in worrying about multiple factors thus causing more stress.
A subtle button in each of the patient’s rooms they can push when they feel uncomfortable with their health care provider.
Bringing mental health awareness to those of different cultures, and facilitating access to mental health resources nationwide.
Need palliative care but don’t know where to start? With this innovative app, you don’t have to hunt for information any longer, it will be brought to you!
In order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in children in the United States, our new video game will teach children how to consume adequate portions of healthy foods.
To reduce childhood obesity and early onset children's heart diseases, creating a health watch that monitors kid's health vitals will be beneficial to parents, kids, and families.
The project we have created will reduce the severity of concussions by stabilizing the neck using a biomedical engineering design.
From 2 fake social media platforms, we are able to identify those involved in human trafficking by detecting certain behaviors and words; and spreading awareness.
Wrestlers struggle with needing to drastically change their weight for competition. We created an elastic band that gathers basic health information that communicates to coaches and doctors.
Clean water and veggies with the ease of a spray bottle and a tablet.
Did you know that over 200,000 children visit the emergency room each year due to playground incidents? The solution starts with educating adolescents early on in their elementary school years.
Female to Male transitioning patients are at risk for breast cancer but often do not receive preventative treatment. Our solution is an automated cuff to detect breast cancer.
An app coupled with a cardboard VR headset can provide cheap and accessible experiences to students. It increases the connections and experiences nursing students have.
There is a lack of access to PPE and compliance during the COVID-19 pandemic, so containers with UV lights in community spaces will disinfect for redistribution.
Many college students struggle with binge eating disorder, which affects blood sugar levels. Our new phone case can detect blood sugar levels and help students adjust their diets.
Do you find yourself constantly exhausted by your job, always wondering why? You might be suffering from burnout/compassion fatigue. Know the signs, be prepared.
This modern underground railroad would allow the homeless affected by sex trafficking to get help in a safe and discrete manner and break the survival sex cycle.
Our project uses backpack keychains in order to help bring awareness in the pediatric hospital environment about bullying among LGBTQ individuals. We want to create a website and hotline.
Yellow fever is commonly found in the tropics of South America and Africa, spread by mosquitoes with no cure. Prevention and vaccination must be developed for any luck against the disease.
Launch an interactive app that has many features encouraging healthy habits that lead to better lifestyle choices for students.
Sexual assault is often prevalent where alcohol consumption takes place. End and prevent this in any scenario with chemically reactive gum!
A TikTok account that publishes videos featuring tips to improve sleep habits will help high school students combat sleep deficiencies and improve their daily lives.
Do you need a friend to talk to about your hard day at the hospital? You’ll be surprised by our friendly program.
Finding a solution to help improve the mental health of our most vulnerable population in our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Parties are apart of Greek life, but sexual assault should never be. Κολιέ for the Campus is the help for all.
Learn how we can give the homeless the nutrition and water they need.
Transgendered civilians suffer from decreasing mental health due to lower quality health care. An innovative solution introduces a robotic dog that keeps professionals in check.
A lack of healthy food options can lead to multiple health problems for the aging community. It is important for the aging population to have access to fresh produce.
Our mission is to try to prevent racism and sexism in health care. We aim to implement a required program for health care workers.
In the medical field, there can be misunderstandings, so a program that would facilitate co-training among health care workers in different areas is needed.
Human trafficking is a problem and we must inform middle schoolers who are most at risk by incorporating information into the school’s curriculum.
Providing free 24/7 access to mental health resources to low-income adolescents who cannot afford to get the care that they need.
Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of having to find a new career after college? Stress no more with this easy one-stop blog that has all the career resources you need!
A project designed to support low-income families and homeless individuals that have been affected by COVID-19 including health care packages, food, water, clothes, a place to sleep, and more.
Students have been in pain from heavy backpacks for far too long. It’s time to start paying schools to ease their suffering.
An app created by college students, for college students to help with time management and prioritizing so students can make the most of their schoolwork in the perfect amount of time.
Children with binge drinking parents are negatively affected throughout their life. Programs and counseling are needed to help the children and parents decrease usage and promote healthy behavior.
High school students lack knowledge about mental wellness. Educating students at a young age will help them as they grow and mature into an adult.
Homeless children are missing school due to transportation issues. Want to hear about innovative and effective technology? Well we have a SUNNY solution for you.
Chip the Chicken here! Sammy the Salmon, too! We’re here to teach you about how to protect yourself from unsafe foods and Salmonella!
Working can be overwhelming at times. If you ever feel fatigued at work, come visit our Mindful Entertainment Truck and relax with friends, family, and coworkers!
Counteracting the negative effects of social isolation due to COVID-19 in adolescents aged 10-19 by creating an interactive app that allows people to connect virtually.

Amongst COVID-19, it is difficult for health care workers to remain close to family/friends. With a customizable jacket, workers can feel the embrace of their loved ones.
There is an issue among students transitioning from high school to college when taking on new responsibilities, causing them to be at a greater risk of developing stressors.
Primary care settings don’t always have all the care needed in one place. Through our solution, we will incorporate interprofessional to take care of all of your needs at once.
Get recognized by your coworkers and your patients, and you can get a chance at getting a special award for all your hard work!
We beat technology at its own game. Texting detrimentally strains our heads downwards, and to help SEE this problem, we keep heads up with iGlasses!
Many female adolescents struggle with Anorexia Nervosa alone. Our solution is to create a bracelet that can provide different options for guidance and support.
Many families have limited financial and geographical resources an online ordering system with deliverable medical resources can provide them with health benefits.
The poster involves statements on hospital-acquired diseases for seniors and prevention by separate sectioning. Includes visual representation of stay and subtopics to the solution.
Health education in lower socioeconomic communities is vital to reducing the spread of Covid-19
A leadership class would be created that utilizes all these values and has the involvement of success coaches to keep students on track with their teachers.
In response to declining mental health among long-term care residents, scented holograms of the patient’s family members will be created with the use of a projector and any mobile device or computer.
Interactive software to create lasting bonds/ better communication between nurses and patients to stem the flow of burnout in health care providers.
How do we avoid COVID outbreaks when people cannot afford to take time off work for testing? To address this concern, let’s turn to technology!
The Bright Box will hold the essential tools to foster a positive mindset in students.
Are you tired of carrying around a heavy backpack? Switch all your information onto a flash drive and save yourself from future back problems!
We want to help students struggling with online school. Therefore, we created an easy way to stay organized and manage stress through an interactive watch.
Looking down at a phone too much can easily be solved with a screen protector that only allows viewing from favorable angles.
Bedside buddies will prevent falls in the hospital, one of the biggest challenges in health care.
VirtualHug is a device that enhances the connection between friends, family, and loved ones during this stressful and isolated period of time.
Athletes around the world are dying and unable to get a correct diagnosis of their condition before death. The correct diagnosis could allow for treatment to begin and improve their quality of life.
Local community organizations and businesses will partner together to provide hygiene services and products to homeless populations in the Phoenix area after hours.
We are living through a global pandemic where the homeless are struggling to help slow the spread of the virus and our plastic waste is astronomical.
Our group are women in college, we want to focus on how to help women quit binge drinking through an online support group and an educational course.
Aging adults in nursing homes rely on the help and care from the employees, they are overworked leading to a lower quality of care, but not anymore with the help of our creation, the wristband.
Human trafficking taking place needs to be stopped by law enforcement. City detectives need to have a set of officers specifically dedicated to human trafficking.
To counteract sexual violence, everyone will be required to wear a bracelet that is non-removable, which sends out shock waves when the bracelet detects thoughts of committing sexual violence.
A fogger with the capability to thoroughly disinfect and sterilize any targeted areas. This is going to be one of the best products on the market in hopes of preventing COVID-19.
A product that allows for nurses to do their job well and with minimal stress. We developed a heart rate monitor, app, and an action plan to aid nurses in their everyday work.
This program designed is to help college athletes understand the causes of their anxiety before school starts will help to set athletes up for success.
Helpful app to help improve depression in children by communicating with a character whom they can feel comfortable opening up and speaking about their feelings.