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Current Students

Edson Internships

Internships are required for all Edson College undergraduate baccalaureate health program majors including:

  • Community Health
  • Health Care Coordination
  • Integrative Health
  • Health Care Compliance & Regulation
  • Health Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Nursing students are not eligible for internship as they will have dedicated clinical hours in the nursing program

Graduate students in the Masters of Healthcare innovation program interested in completing a health-related internship and earning college credit are also eligible to participate. 


Course Overview – HCR 484, HCI 484, HCR 584

This is a 15-week course available to both in-person and ASUOnline students who are enrolled in one of the 5 Bachelor of Health Degree Programs at Edson College. Students must be in their final year of study and expected to graduate no later than one year from enrollment in this course. Students may select internships for 1-3 credits for these courses.

*Your academic advisor will provide you with the applicable course listing based upon your specific degree program.


The Internship Practicum is designed to provide Health students with:


  •  Real work experiences comparable to employment as a professional in the health, innovation, and other health-professional career fields
  • Practical work experiences in professional work settings that complement and integrate knowledge, skills, and abilities learned in the classroom.
  • Each student’s internship is facilitated while in the work environment at an approved site under the supervision of a degreed or experienced professional (Internship Site Supervisor), and the guidance and monitoring of the Course Instructor. 
  • If an internship is being completed at the student’s current worksite, the internship hours must be above and beyond the student’s current workload, and duties performed must be outside the student’s current scope of employment. 

What will you gain from an Internship:

  1. Demonstrate professionalism
  2. Practice effective self-management and leadership skills
  3. Integrate and implement professional competencies by applying your knowledge and skills relative to the practice setting
  4. Develop and practice networking skills

The Edson College has numerous internships and placements across the Valley and beyond, from an assortment of agencies and organizations offering students valuable opportunities and experiences in the health profession. Internship opportunities are available in the fields of Research, Compliance and Regulation, Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness. 

Internships are one semester (15 weeks in the academic year, spring and fall, and 12 weeks in the summer semester). Interns are expected to complete 45 hours of work at an internship site for each credit hour in which they are enrolled. For example, an intern enrolled in three credits would complete 135 hours over the course of the semester, or approximately 9 hours per week. (These hours fulfill a standard three-credit course requirement.)

Internship Contact

For information on degree requirements and registration, please contact your Edson College Academic Advisor. 

For details on the internship experience, please contact Therese Speer.