Current Students


Interested in completing a health-related internship and earn credit for working?


Who is eligible?

For Edson College junior and senior students enrolled in Bachelor of Health degrees:

  • Community Health
  • Health Care Coordination
  • Integrative Health
  • Health Care Compliance & Regulation
  • Health Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

**This opportunity is not available to nursing students - you will have dedicated clinical hours in your nursing programs**


What do you gain?

In enrolling in an internship course, you will:

  1. Earn elective credits
  2. Acquire invaluable professional skills
  3. Learn RealSkills
  4. Begin Networking
  5. Benefit from real-world experience to increase job prospects upon graduation

* In-person and remote opportunities available


Frequently Asked Questions

Are internships required for my degree?
Yes, Internships will be mandatory for all Community Health Majors, to be followed by Healthcare Coordination, Integrative Health and Health Care Compliance and Regulation.

What kind of internships are offered?
The Edson College has numerous internships and placements across the Valley and beyond, from an assortment of agencies and organizations offering students valuable opportunities and experiences in the health profession. Internship opportunities are offered in the field of Research, Compliance and Regulation, Health, Wellness, and Mindfulness. Internships may be remote, in-person, or in a hybrid format.

How long are the internships? How many hours do I have to commit to?
Internships are one semester (15 weeks in the academic year, 12 weeks in the summer semester). Interns are expected to complete 45 hours of work at an internship site for each credit hour in which they are enrolled. For example, an intern enrolled in three credits would complete 135 hours over the course of the semester, or approximately 9 hours per week. (These hours fulfill a standard three-credit course requirement.)

Is this a paid internship?
Internships are not paid. Students earn course credits. 

Do I have to pay any costs?
Depending on the required onboarding of some agencies and organizations, there may be a cost associated with the Internship. The course instructor and site contact will provide all the necessary information prior to the student making a final commitment.

Do I have to write a report, take tests or do homework?
There are assignments in the Internship course. Students must earn 70% in order to receive a grade of Passing. There are no papers or exams associated with the course. 

What if I don’t like my internship?
Open communication is key to a positive experience. Please reach out to the course faculty early in the semester.

What kinds of projects will I be doing?
Each site offers unique opportunities to students as they strive to make the experience a memorable one for the student. Projects will be targeted to the student’s health major and carefully chosen between the student and their site supervisor. 

Can I create my own internship?
Students may find their own Internships. It is essential to notify the faculty before the beginning of the course to be certain a contract between the college and the site selected is in place.

I’ve been working with my employer for the past several months or year.  Can I receive credit for my internship?
Unfortunately, we do not offer credit for ongoing work, or for an internship that is already in progress.  If your internship changes, we may be able to offer credit for a “new” internship with your employer if you can provide an updated job description to show the new/different projects. However, only hours worked under the new project will count towards the 120+ hours requirement. 

My internship will end after the regular semester ends.  Will that affect my grade?
If you submit the paper after the last day of the semester, you will receive a “Z” (course in progress) which will be changed to a letter grade when your project is received and graded. 

My internship starts in the middle of the semester.  Can I still register for HCI/HCR 484?
Possibly.  You may be able to begin your internship now, and register for the following semester. See the Internship Director for more info.  

I have a summer internship, but my scholarship does not cover summer tuition.  Can I register for the course in the fall?
Yes, you may have the option to simply move the course registration (when the course appears on your transcript) to fall, but complete all of your work (e.g. journal, paper) during the summer.  Your paper should be submitted by the end of summer/early fall.  Please discuss this option with the director.