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Faculty Assoc

Daniel Crawford's interests include advanced practice nursing education, social justice, social determinants of health, and childhood neurologic disorders.


My passion is that we all have a story. I believe that people are capable of incredible things when they have the help and support they need. I make connections—between people, ideas, and resources.

Clinical Assoc Professor

Kimberly Day teaches in the undergraduate pre-licensure nursing program. She has experience in the ICU, med/surg, tele, oncology, and the operating room. She also worked for Donor Network and as a paramedic prior to nursing.

Academic Success Advisor
Exec Coordinator
SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching
Clinical Assistant Professor

LeAnn is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the College of Nursing and Health Innovation (CONHI) in the undergraduate BSN pre-licensure nursing program. Her clinical areas of expertise are in pediatrics and emergency nursing.

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