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Your whole career has been spent in the pursuit of health care excellence. Now you can ensure that pursuit extends beyond your career, supporting future health care leaders long after you have retired. Faculty Legacy Funds can be established to provide ongoing financial support for the causes that mean the most to you.

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Faculty Legacy Funds


Mary Killeen Program for Educational Excellence


Established in 2011, the Mary Killeen Program for Educational Excellence carries forward a legacy of making a difference by:

  • Celebrating the transformational power of post-secondary education.
  • Mentoring students and faculty to achieve more than they imagined possible.
  • Synergizing teamwork, collaboration, and empowerment.
  • Advocating for nursing and nursing education’s future in service to optimizing patient care.

Mary L. Killeen began her nursing education at Butterworth Hospital School of Nursing before working in acute care and having the opportunity to supervise nursing students from a local college. She found this to be the most exciting and productive work she had ever experienced. When she came to Arizona State University, Mary found great opportunities for research with a focus on older adults and their family caregivers, teaching undergraduate students, and progressive academic leadership. She served as division chair, associate dean for the undergraduate programs and extended and continuing education, the associate dean for academic affairs, and senior associate dean for evaluation and educational excellence. All along the way she learned from remarkable mentors and found inspiration from nursing students and outstanding faculty colleagues.



Bernita (B) Steffl Faculty Award in Geriatric Nursing

The Bernita (B) Steffl Faculty Award in Geriatric Nursing was established in 2007 to honor B’s contributions to Arizona State University, where after beginning her faculty tenure in 1959 she became a pioneer in gerontological nursing. She authored the first-of-its-kind "Handbook on Gerontological Nursing," which was widely used by universities across the nation.  
This fund has supported The Center for Innovation in Healthy and Resilient Aging and recognizes faculty who focus on impacting the health of our increasing aging population both in the community and in long-term care facilities.  



Nancy Melvin Faculty Award in Pediatric Nursing

The Nancy Melvin Faculty Award in Pediatric Nursing, was established in 2007 to honor Nancy’s contributions to pediatric nursing. Nancy was a pioneer, known as the first pediatric nurse practitioner in Phoenix and the first ASU nursing professor to receive a federal research grant of $1 million. As a professor, Nancy set high standards for her research and earned the loyalty of her students through her dedication to their success. 

The award is designed to recognize Edson College faculty who:

  • Embody the pioneering spirit Nancy Melvin demonstrated in her career.
  • Show dedication to leadership roles in educating the nursing professionals for the challenges of pediatric practice.
  • Provide purposeful research to improve health outcomes for all children.



Joyce Finch Faculty Achievement Endowment

The Joyce Finch Faculty Achievement Award was established in 1995. This award is presented  annually to a nursing faculty member of Edson College who demonstrates teaching excellence. Faculty nominees are recommended by current Edson College students and the award is presented at convocation.