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Beatrice Kastenbaum
SUM/WTR Faculty Other

Beatrice Kastenbaum is clinical associate professor and coordinator in the College of Nursing and Health Solution's Simulation Program.

Mercado A207
Lesly Kelly
Asst Professor

Lesly Kelly studies the role of nursing in patient outcomes in acute care; compassion fatigue; burnout; nursing workforce issues; and the effect of system and technology influences on nursing and patient outcomes.

500 N 3rd St Office NHI-1 330
Janet Kerby
Faculty Assoc

Janet Kerby s passionate about empowering organizations to re-imagine and revolutionize their business through digital transformation.

Nancy Kiernan
Sr Dir Academic Services
520 E Monroe St, C250
SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching
Administrative Assoc
Robin Krause
Sr Director, Strategic Marketing + Comm
Narayanan Krishnamurthi
Asst Professor

Professor Krishnamurthi's main research interests include developing therapeutic interventions to preserve function (mobility and quality of life) in aging population, improve/restore function with neurological disorders.

College of Nursing & Health Innovation (CONHI) 500 North 3rd Street, O: NHI-I, 378
Gerri Lamb
Research Professor (FSC)

Gerri Lamb's research interests include nursing care delivery systems and patient outcomes with focus on nurse care coordination within and across settings, and interprofessional practice to improve healthcare environments.

Erica Lee
Assc Prg Dir + Clin Asst Profr
Rebecca Lee

Rebecca E. Lee is a community psychologist with 25 years of experience, currently leading SAGE: Sustainability via Active Garden Education (SAGE) to promote physical activity in in young Latino children (U01 MD010667-01).

Denise Link
Clinical Professor

Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Professor of Nursing at the ASU College of Nursingand Health Innovation Specialty Coordinator for the DNP in Women's Health Program

Health North 550 N. Third Street 301-E
Virginia Livingston

Virginia Livingston is a clinical instructor in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Her research interests include chronic illness, movement therapies and support groups, and alternative health.

304BA NHI 2
SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching
Kathleen Lupone
Clinical Asst Professor

Kathleen LuPone is a clinical assistant professor in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University.

NHI-2 301F
Kathy Malloch
Professor of Practice

Kathy Malloch is a clinical professor and senior faculty member in the Master of Healthcare Innovation program in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation.

NHI 2 Second Floor
Kara Mangold
Faculty Assoc

Kara Mangold (DNP, RN-BC, CCTN, CNE) is an instructor with the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University.

Manager, Academic Contracts
College of Nursing and Health Innovation 550 North 3rd Street
Steven Martin
Computing Manager
College of Nursing and Health Innovation 500 N 3rd Street
Faculty Associate
Laura Maurer
SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching
SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching


Timothy O'Grady
Professor of Practice

Tim Porter–O’Grady's research interests include magnet effectiveness, shared governance, leader effectiveness, complex adpative systems, innovation, and primary care policy.

Judith Ochieng
Clinical Asst Professor

Judith is Assistant Clinical Professor in the college of Nursing and health innovation at ASU. Her work is in Diabetes with a focus on risk perception of developing diabetes complications among vulnerable Population.

SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching
Pamela Potter
Faculty Assoc
Faculty Assoc

Kimberly Radig provides primary care to individuals across the spectrum of ages from childhood to old age by providing health information and education, health maintenance, and by treating acute and chronic illnesses.

Leah Randolph
Faculty Assoc
Faculty Assoc
Nathalie Rennell

Nathalie Rennell is an instructor in the RN-BSN/CEP programs and on the honors faculty with the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University.

DPC, Mercado 502 E. Monroe, Bldg. C, Suite 105.
Lynda Root
Clinical Asst Professor

Lynda has a deep passion for nursing, and realizes the opportunities well-equipped nurses will have to change the future of health care. Her teaching focus is in the areas of evidence-based practice and innovation leadership.

NHI 2 336
Heather Ross
Clinical Asst Professor

Heather M. Ross is a clinical assistant professor affiliated with the School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS), College of Nursing and Health Innovation (CONHI), and Global Security Initiative (GSI).

INTD B 350A 1120 S. Cady Mall
Heidi Sanborn
Associate Program Director & Clinical Assistant Professor

Heidi Sanborn is Clinical Assistant Professor and Interim Director of the RN-BSN and Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University.

Cheryl Schmidt
Clinical Professor

Cheryl Schmidt's research interests includes disaster preparedness of nursing students. She is also a member of the Research Committee of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans Emergency Management Evaluation Center

Danielle Sebbens
Clinical Assoc Professor
Leslee Shell
Faculty Assoc
College of Nursing and Health Care Innovation
Sandra Shire
Clinical Assoc Professor

Sandra Shire's career in public health started with the U S Public Health Service. With the FDA, she was a reviewer and field investigator, reviewing new products and clinical trials. She joined ASU in 2010.

500 N 3rd St NHI-1 416
Therese Speer
Sr Prg Dir+Clin Asc Prfr FSC

My nursing degree has enabled me to work in a variety of locations, from Rhode Island to California, and in a number of specialty areas such as OB, Pediatrics, private physician's office and presently nursing education.

Carol Stevens
Clinical Associate Professor

Carol Stevens' research interests include childhood obesity, cultural influences associated with children's health and healthy work environments for nurses.

500 N. 3rd St. NHI-2 301B
Pamela Storto
Clinical Asst Professor
Kimberlee Sutter
Clinical Assistant Professor
NHI 2 331H
Susan Thompson
Clinical Asst Professor


Academic Success Specialist
502 E Monroe St
Riley Millner
Student Support Specialist
502 East Monroe Street, Suite C 250
Brenda Morris
Clinical Professor, MY (FSC)

Brenda Morris' research interests include: nursing education, clinical education, dedicated educational units, program development and evaluation, and critical thinking.

Mercado Bldg C Rms 104/105
Glen Nelson
Professor of Practice

Dr. Nelson is the Special Advisor to the Executive Vice President, Treasurer and CFO. He also served as the Associate Dean of Business and Finance for the College of Nursing & Health Innovation and College of Health Solutions

Arlene Ramos
Project Coordinator Research
Ashley Ramos
Student Support Specialist
Leah Randolph
Faculty Assoc
Joe Russo
Project Manager
Research Nurse PRN
Valerie Simmons
Management Information Analyst
500 North 3rd Street Health North 312AC
Judson Smith
Tech Support Analyst Associate
Health Promotion Research Intern
Academic Success Coordinator
Susana Torres
Student Support Specialist
Administrative Associate
Amy Whitley
Academic Success Coordinator