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Health Care Compliance and Regulations

Health Care Compliance and Regulations (HCCR)

Details matter when it comes to health care. Patients need experts who can ensure safe and ethical care at every step. In the nation's first accredited health care compliance and regulations undergraduate program, you will learn to identify and mitigate risk based health care practices while promoting a culture of compliance.


Program description

The BS in health care compliance and regulations is a full undergraduate degree program dedicated to the training of compliance specialists and is the first to be accredited by the Compliance Certification Board®. https://www.corporatecompliance.org/certification

Students are offered the opportunity to learn best practices from a broad array of industry experts (providers, regulatory agencies, government payers and others) within the medical industry, giving graduates options to channel their career in health care compliance.

This program is ideal for anyone interested in the ethical, regulatory and business sides of the health care industry. Program areas of emphasis include:

  • industry standards for accreditation and auditing
  • data privacy, security and analysis concepts
  • revenue cycles, including current billing and coding procedures
  • local and federal compliance policies, laws and regulations

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