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The March of Dimes Mom & Baby Mobile Health Center® represents an exciting new academic-practice partnership between ASU’s Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation and Wesley Community & Health Centers, made possible through funding from the United Healthcare Community Plan of Arizona. 

The Mom & Baby Mobile Health Center® will serve as a teaching center for the next generation of advanced practice and baccalaureate nurses, and will provide clinical care and support in local communities across the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.  Services are available for the uninsured, underinsured, and insured, making high-quality care accessible to you and your family across the lifespan. 

The Mom & Baby Mobile Health Center® aims to improve birth outcomes by addressing access issues while providing wrap-around clinical and community services, referrals, and support with healthcare insurance eligibility and enrollment. 

Our clinical services include:

  • Pre-pregnancy healthcare
    • We review your reproductive life plan, and collaborate with you to establish personalized health and well-being goals  
  • Prenatal and postpartum care
    • We deliver personalized, evidence-based care including clinician visits, laboratory and monitoring tests, and after-pregnancy care
  • Newborn healthcare
    • We provide care to you and your baby in the first weeks of life, Including breastfeeding support, car seat education, and immunizations
  • Reproductive healthcare
    • We perform screening for reproductive cancers; screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections; and contraception options
  • General pediatric and adult healthcare
    • We provide comprehensive family medicine care including preventive care screenings, chronic disease management, immunizations, and acute/urgent care services for you and your family across the lifespan

We also provide educational resources for every step of your journey – from planning to pregnancy to birth to postpartum. Learn more at It Starts With Mom | March of Dimes and download Compass by March of Dimes™, an interactive app that supports parents in their journey by providing answers, resources, and compassion at every step. The compass mobile phone app includes specific features such as:

  • Questions and answers that parents should be asking 
  • Community and resource library for common and unique experiences 
  • List of commonly used terms during pregnancy 
  • Postpartum information and questions to ask your healthcare provider. 

If receiving services at a traditional clinic is difficult, visit our mobile health center for mom and baby care at a convenient location near you. 

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