Do we still make resolutions?

Dean's Blog |
Judith Karshmer



As the pandemic continues into a second full year, I have to admit it’s been challenging to focus on personal resolutions. Typical goals like wanting to “eat better,” “save more money” or “travel more” seem almost too small when we’re all still facing a virus that continues taking its toll on many of our citizens and health care workers.

However, as I reflect on my new responsibility at ASU as chief wellness officer, I get excited about all the good we can do collectively. One of the most important things I’ve learned in my very short time in this role is that if you want to truly advance the health and wellbeing of the campus community, the VALUE of health must be paramount. 

It must be a value as promoted by university leadership, reflected in its infrastructure and tailored to unique characteristics of individuals. It must be more than an array of programming but include focused outreach that affirms the value of health as expressed by our students, faculty and staff. 

For some of our ASU community, our center dedicated solely to mindfulness, compassion and resilience is a welcome asset. For others it may be a bicycle ride with the dean, a healthy cooking class in the dorm, enrolling in a Sun Devil fitness program at Sun Devil Fitness and Wellness or talking things through at ASU Counseling Services. 

But in all cases, it starts with exploring the wellness practices that the person is already doing. Indeed we all have such practices, some just more effective than others. We have these because we do value health! Now it’s time to move that individual value into our collective thinking. I hope you can join me in this work. If you have ideas or suggestions please feel free to reach out to me. My inbox is always open.