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• April 17, 2024
As educators and leaders in nursing education, we have a unique opportunity – and indeed, a responsibility – to collaborate in cultivating environments where nurses can thrive.
• February 07, 2024
Arizona State University has launched a new initiative to recruit and prepare more nurse scientists.
• July 14, 2023
From King’s College London to Oxford, the final week of the inaugural Comparative Health Systems Study Abroad Program in London included campus visits and more.
• June 18, 2023
Week two of the Comparative Health Systems program in London introduced students to the U.K.’s medicinal past and present.
• June 12, 2023
This summer Edson College is embarking on a new study abroad program in London.
• May 19, 2023
The country has been celebrating the contributions of nurses everywhere this May as part of National Nurses Month.
• January 24, 2023
ASU Chief Wellness Officer and Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation Dean Judith Karshmer suggests pivoting from New Year’s resolutions to recognitions.
• June 30, 2022
Shaniece Randolph reflects on her time studying abroad in Peru.
• June 30, 2022
Aida Zaki looks back on her study abroad experience and shares some of her favorite moments and memories.
• June 23, 2022
After nearly three weeks studying abroad it’s almost time to return home.
• June 16, 2022
In the second week of the program students connected with the community by completing service-learning projects.
• June 10, 2022
Students studying abroad in Peru spent the last few days taking in the sights and culture.
• June 06, 2022
Touchdown Lima! The group of students studying abroad in Edson College’s program arrived safely in Peru.
• May 23, 2022
Follow along as two of our students share their experiences taking part in the college’s study abroad program in Peru.
• May 20, 2022
The U.S. health care system needs a nursing workforce ready to serve where needed.
• April 19, 2022
Edson College now offers a Master's of Science in health care simulation.
• April 18, 2022
Some Edson College students spent their Spring Break learning and serving in Costa Rica.
• February 24, 2022
Sara Crance and Yingyan Huang are often referred to as “Trailblazers.” They are going where no ASU Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation student has gone before. Frankly, there aren’t many like them in the nation.
• January 21, 2022
As the pandemic continues into a second full year, I have to admit it’s been challenging to focus on personal resolutions. Typical goals like wanting to “eat better,” “save more money” or “travel more” seem almost too small when we’re all still facing a virus that continues taking its toll on many of our citizens and health care workers.
• December 16, 2021
Everyone reading this post deserves a round of applause, because we made it through 2021! It took some hard work and determination, but here we stand at the end of another year, with 12 months of challenges that we have overcome in our rear view mirror, and a whole year of possibilities ahead.