It’s not just epidemiologists working on a COVID-19 vaccine

Dean's Blog |
Judith Karshmer

When will we have a COVID-19 vaccine? The answer to that question is what everyone around the world wants to know. Surely once we have a vaccine, we can get back to our regular lives. So why not rush one out today? 

In short, it’s because good, ethical clinical research takes time.

Clinical researchers across the globe are all in on trying to respond to one of the biggest challenges of our time. Their work is essential to helping the world reach the other side of the Novel Coronavirus crisis.

Clinical research lies at the foundation of all things related to safe health products, and the pandemic has pushed this industry into the spotlight. Thousands of clinical trials taking place now, including the global charge to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, wouldn’t move forward without the leadership of a cadre of experts in clinical research management and regulatory science.

CRM and Regulatory Science Programs

At Edson College, we take great pride in offering a master’s degree in both clinical research management and regulatory science. Both programs offer working professionals all over the world the opportunity to advance careers in support of the science, business and ethics of clinical research and the regulation of new or improved health products. 

In essence, we are working hard to prepare the next generation of experts who will be on the front lines of future vaccine development and health products. It may seem out of a “nursing college’s” wheelhouse but our CRM program helps us live up to the health innovation part of our mission. And like everything else in health care, it is all interconnected. Nurses and doctors would be unable to do their jobs without programs like this creating the foundation to provide safe products.

First in the Nation

Still, it is unique that our clinical research management degree is the nation’s only graduate program with accreditation. Several CRM programs in the U.S. are found in schools of medicine or pharmacy, but to my knowledge, ASU’s Edson College is the only college of nursing that offers clinical research management as a graduate program.

It’s a trail we’re happy to blaze!

So the next time someone asks you “When will we have a COVID-19 vaccine?” you can remind them that we’ll have a vaccine when the clinical research experts say so.