City Living & City Learning

Study Abroad | June 10, 2017
Faith Winston

It is unbelievable that one week has already passed since I landed in Lima! It was truly amazing visiting the beach, museums, cathedrals, and historical sites in the city. Our class discussions have also been eye opening for all of us. Through these conversations we have gained insight about one another and have learned to try and understand others and empathize with the different experiences that people have being from various cultural backgrounds.

The city of Lima has taught me so much, I have learned important skills as a tourist in a foreign country. Stepping out of my comfort zone has been a challenge, however it has helped me grow and has allowed me to start the process of learning a second language. I was able to learn enough Spanish to call taxis, order food, have basic conversations, and interview locals.

Lima has been so good to us, but I am also excited to make the journey to Cusco to hike Machu Picchu, meet my host family, and start service learning next week!