"Picchu" Means Mountain

Study Abroad | June 12, 2017
Faith Winston

After one flight, two busses, and one train ride we are finally here in Machu Picchu and I must say I am amazed. Upon arrival, we were informed about how ancient Incan people constructed the city with the use of advanced engineering, building, and farming skills. Then, we hiked a mountain that the locals call "Wayna Picchu" (mountain peak pictured directly behind the ancient city).

This experience reminded me of my past seven semesters of nursing school. The hike was difficult, it seemed impossible when I first saw how steep the mountain was. And once I began hiking, I was like "there's no way I can make it to the top". However with some positive self talk and some support from my amazing peers and faculty, I made the decision to take it one step at a time. We encouraged each other the whole way and we all had the same objective, we wanted to get to the top. Although it was hard, the view from the peak was worth every gasp for air, and every drop of sweat. That's honestly how I have felt since I have started nursing school. It's hard and occasionally, actually often I have wondered whether or not I'd make it to the end. But with the support of my community here I am starting my last semester of nursing school in the Fall and suddenly, I can see everything from a different perspective. I am close to the end and the view from here has been worth every late night, every cup of coffee, every event that I skipped to study, every tough lesson, every moment of doubt, and every 12 hour clinical day. All I have to say is no matter what your present journey may be, keep pushing because one day you'll be glad you did.