What’s on the Menu?

Study Abroad | June 04, 2017
Faith Winston

My first full day in Peru was a perfect start to this trip. After sleeping in our new rooms for the first night, and sleeping off our jet lag we were ready to start our day with a class discussion. Our ASU faculty, Aliria and Rita welcomed us with some Peruvian hot chocolate to start off our first class. We then discussed Peruvian history and they provided us with information on the popular sites for art, history, dancing, music, and culture around the city. The best part of the day was when our class went to lunch as a group where we tasted several delicious Peruvian dishes. One of my favorite foods so far is called Lomo Saltado which is a traditional mix of steak and marinated vegetables served with a side of rice or risotto. So far, everything has been amazing in Peru. The food is delicious, the cars are fast, the buildings are colorful, and the people are kind. This week, I will continue to explore the city of Lima and learn more about culture, values, and how they affect us both as members of our communities and as healthcare professionals.