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Student Nurses' Association (SNA)

The College of Nursing Student Nurses' Association (SNA) is a school chapter of the National Student Nurses' Association (NSNA) and the Student Nurses' Association of Arizona (SNAAz). The SNA provides educational programs, communicates issues and concerns relevant to nursing, encourages participation in community health-related activities and promotes legislative involvement of the nursing student. The SNA aids in the development of the whole person, his/her professional role and his/her responsibility for healthcare of people in all walks of life.


The purposes of the SNAAz and NSNA are to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interest and concerns to nursing students. Membership in SNAAz and NSNA aids in the development of the whole person, including the professional role.

The SNAAz and NSNA Achieve This By

  • Influencing the educational process;
  • Promoting and encouraging participation in community affairs and activities;
  • Representing students to the consumer, institutions, and other organizations;
  • Promoting and encouraging student participation in interdisciplinary activities and recruitment
    efforts regardless of a person's race, color, creed, life style, gender, national origin, age or economic status; and,
  • Promoting collaborative relationships with other nursing and health organizations.


You can sign up for NSNA today by logging on to This also guarantees an NSNA cord upon graduation.

Membership in NSNA also entails membership in your local chapter of the Student Nurses' Association of ASU.

All undergraduate students admitted to the upper division program in nursing are automatic members of the ASU Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation SNA chapter. State and national memberships require individual registration and are in addition to chapter membership.

Contact Information 

For more information about the Student Nurses Association (including contact information and upcoming programming) take a look at their ASU SunDevilSync Page.