A group of diverse young adults with laptops sitting on a bench

Belonging At Edson


At Edson College, we are committed to cultivating a culture of belonging that honors the unique backgrounds and experiences of our students, faculty and staff. We promote understanding and foster principles of cultural intelligence, compassion, empathy, cultural humility and interconnectedness. By embracing these principles, we prioritize equitable access to opportunities and resources, support the success of all students, faculty, and staff, and actively engage with diverse communities, organizations, and stakeholders to enhance collaboration and collective impact, with the ultimate goal of advancing health equity for all.

Our Approach

At the core of our strategy lies the practice of inclusive leadership, an essential element in shaping an environment where every individual feels valued and empowered to contribute. Inclusive leadership entails acknowledging and appreciating a spectrum of perspectives, nurturing a culture of mutual respect and empathy, and creating avenues for all members of our college community to engage and thrive. By embodying inclusive leadership principles, we establish the standard for our college and inspire others to adopt these values, fostering a culture of belonging and driving meaningful progress within our community.


Our Strategic Focus Areas:

  • Access and Success: We ensure equitable access to opportunities and resources, supporting the success of all members of the college community.
  • Community Engagement and Partnerships: We build and nurture relationships with diverse communities, organizations, and stakeholders to enhance collaboration and collective impact.
  • Teaching and Research: We integrate principles of inclusive excellence into teaching, learning, and research endeavors, enriching the educational experience and advancing knowledge in ways that promote inclusivity and belonging.
  • Culture, Belonging, and Inclusive Learning: We create a culture of belonging where all members feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents, fostering inclusive learning environments that promote personal and academic growth.


We're Listening and Want to Hear from You

Please share your thoughts and ideas as to how we can advance our work together. Do you have a recommendation on policy or procedure changes that should be implemented?