Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degrees


Health care is a rapidly changing field. While highly trained nurses are needed now more than ever, employers are also looking for graduates who understand how to deliver care throughout diverse communities and to develop new policies and practices. The Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation offers multiple undergraduate degrees that prepare students for the challenges of modern health care.

One of the biggest challenges for the future of health care is developing students who can think critically about existing problems and systems, and create innovative solutions and products to address these challenges.  Our programs in Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation and BAS Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation are designed to help students rise to those challenges.  The Community Health program helps students gain exposure to best practices for providing health care throughout diverse populations. In Integrative Health, students focus on using varied disciplines to provide a broad perspective on treatment. Through the Health Care Coordination and Health Care Compliance and Regulations programs, our graduates are prepared to navigate local and federal health care regulations to ensure patients receive safe, reliable service. Our college also offers the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, required by many hospitals and health providers around the country.

Our college‚Äôs faculty are leaders in their practice areas and provide support and mentorship for student learning.  Their years of hands-on experience provide students with valuable resources for understanding the challenges of health care beyond the classroom.  Multiple outreach opportunities are offered throughout the college to further provide students a chance to engage in health care with students and experts from a variety of fields.