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Academic Advising

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Undergraduate Clinical Nursing & Health Programs

Downtown Phoenix Campus



Online (Community Health, Integrative Health, Health Care Coordination)



West Campus



RN-BSN & Concurrent Enrollment Programs

This fully online program is for current nurses or for students concurrently enrolled in a nursing program at a community college. Additional information may be viewed at ASU Online.


RN-BSN Advisors

Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP)Advisors

Maricopa Community College

Eastern Arizona College, Northland Pioneer College

Arizona Western College, Yavapai College, Central Arizona College

Pima Community College

Success Coaches 

During your time at ASU, you may be contacted by a success coach. Success coaches are another resource to support your educational journey. They may call or text you to provide support. The most common reason a success coach may contact you is when your faculty files an Academic Status Report (ASR) for you. These reports are used as a tool to notify you how you are doing in the course. 

Academic Status Reports (ASRs)

An ASR is a report that faculty can submit as a way to provide feedback to you about how you are doing in the course. Some important things to know about ASRs:

  • They are not a part of your official transcript

  • They will include a recommendation for improvement (submit assignments, contact faculty, etc.)

  • You will receive these report notifications to your ASU Email

  • They can also be submitted to give positive feedback 

You can learn more about ASRs by going here.

Graduate Programs