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Program Policies


Communicating With the Instructor

All of the courses in our program use Canvas. Within Canvas there is a discussion board called "Community Forum"; please use this for general questions about the course. Prior to posting a question, please check the syllabus, announcements, and existing posts. If you do not find an answer, post your question. You are encouraged to respond to the questions of your classmates.

Email questions of a personal nature to your assigned grading faculty. You can expect a response within 48 hours.


Online Course

All of our courses are 100% online. There are no face-to-face meetings. You can log into your course via MyASU or


Email and Canvas Inbox

ASU email is an official means of communication among students, faculty, and staff ( Instructor correspondence will be sent to your ASU email account or through the Canvas Conversations Inbox tool. Please ensure that your Canvas notification preferences are current at the beginning of each semester (for more information see 

Students are expected to read and act upon messages in a timely fashion. Students bear the responsibility of missed messages and should check their ASU-assigned email and Canvas Inbox regularly.


Campus Network or Canvas Outage

When access to Canvas is not available for an extended period of time (greater than one entire evening) you can reasonably expect that the due date for assignments will be changed to the next day (assignment still due by 11:59pm).

If an outage occurs, it is expected that you will confirm that the outage is with the University and not your local internet service provider. To monitor the status of campus networks and services, please visit the System Health Portal ( If a system-wide ASU outage is NOT listed, you are responsible for contacting the ASU Help Desk to report and troubleshoot the issue. By contacting the help desk, a request case number will be created for you, which serves as an important documentation of your attempt to resolve any technical problems in a timely fashion. You may be required to forward this documentation to your instructor.


Course Time Commitment

All of our courses are four-credit hour courses. A four-credit hour course requires approximately 180 hours of work. Please expect to spend around 24 hours each week for 7.5 week-courses and around 12 hours a week for 15-week courses preparing for and actively participating in this course. In the capstone courses.


Late or Missed Assignments

Notify the instructor BEFORE an assignment is due if an urgent situation arises and the assignment will not be submitted on time. Unless prior arrangements are made, assignments submitted after the due date will be subject to a 10% per day penalty. Assignments will not be accepted after the close of the course unless the student has requested an incomplete grade for the course. Published assignment due dates (Arizona Mountain Standard time) are firm. Please follow the appropriate University policies to request an accommodation for religious practices ( or to accommodate a missed assignment due to University-sanctioned activities (


Submitting Assignments

All assignments, unless otherwise announced, MUST be submitted to the designated area of Canvas. Do not submit an assignment via other methods unless specifically directed.