Definition of Affiliates


Current Affiliates


Becoming a CIHRA Affiliate: Requires at least one year of active involvement with CIHRA activities (e.g., attending meetings, serving on CIHRA committees) and other scholarly, teaching, program-related activities or services that advance issues in aging. To determine if a CIHRA Affiliate is in good standing, his or her status will be reviewed annually.


Application Requirements

• Full name, email, and position title
• Curriculum Vitae 
• Two-page statement: Please briefly describe your key areas of interest in aging and list the CIHRA activities in which you have participated. Interest in deepening collaborations to implement evidenced based care and wellness strategies to support persons with dementia and care partners. Desire to broker collaborations to advance grants and other funding opportunities to support critical work.


Become a CIHRA Affiliate

CIHRA Affiliates  
Aaron Guest Allie Peckham
Aparna Rao Chingwen Cheng
Derek Manis Edward Ofori
Hannah Giasson Janet Pohl
Kate Helms Tillery Laura Blank
Lori Nisson Megan Petrov
Pavan Turaga Rachel Koffer
Zach Baker