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DNP vs PhD Degree at Edson College




ObjectivesPrepares nurses at the highest level of nursing practice who will lead in applying and translating research into practicePrepares scholars at the highest level of scientific research who will lead in advancing the evidence-base of health-related research
Competencies and ContentKnowledge and skills in applying and translating research into practice; leads dissemination and integration of new knowledge in healthcare organizationsKnowledge and skills in theoretical, methodological, and analytic approaches to the discovery and application of knowledge in health and wellbeing
Program OutcomeExpert clinical leaders such as an advanced practice nurse caring for individuals; or other practice leadership positions such as in nursing and healthcare administrationExpert scientist prepared for a career as a leader in health research, education, and policy in academia, healthcare organizations, and industry
ASU Program HallmarksAn intense practice immersion experience with expert clinical faculty with a focus on evidence-based practice mentorshipAn intense mentored research experience with expert faculty investigator with an established program of research
Final ProjectAn evidence based practice application-oriented final DNP projectA dissertation involving an original research project


Edson College also offers concurrent enrollment DNP/PhD degrees with a concentration in adult gerontology that emphasizes both advanced practice and research. Learn more about required coursework and admission requirements for both the DNP and PhD.