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This PhD degree program in nursing and health care innovation helps address a national need for faculty and researchers, positions which are increasingly in short supply.

The program is offered in a traditional on-site delivery format and innovative, synchronous online delivery, designed to maintain our commitment to a highly mentored, interactive learning experience. Several different modalities are used to enhance the student's learning, including multimedia presentations, asynchronous discussion boards and live chats.

Priority Deadline: December 15*
Enrollment in the PhD program occurs each year in the Fall semester.
*Funding opportunities are generally more available for early deadline applicants.

PhD students are those who plan to focus their career on research, while DNP students focus on development of advanced clinical skills for professional practice. PhD students are also prepared to teach and to work at advanced policy levels, as called for in the 2010 Future of Nursing Institute of Medicine Report. Eighty-nine percent of our graduates currently work in academic settings while others work in leadership positions in industries such as Kaiser Permanente. 


A week of in-person, on-site immersion is required at the beginning of each semester. During immersion, students discuss trending professional topics, participate with faculty in innovative panel and other presentations, and present at Scholars’ Day. They also meet their new faculty and attend the first class of the semester that week; some then return to their distant homes and attend synchronous classes for the reminder of the semester over Blackboard Adobe Connect. Others, who live locally, have the option of attending class using Adobe Connect or attending class face-to-face, which increases the opportunity for socialization and peer support. 

Career Outlook

Our innovative PhD program will prepare you to pursue a career as a leader in health policy, education, and research with an emphasis on the generation and application of research and theory in clinical practice. The program will prepare you as a scholar with the inquiry skills of a researcher and leadership skills necessary to influence health processes, outcomes, and policy. Additionally, graduates from the PhD program can address issues the faculty shortages at nursing schools across the country by assuming leadership positions in practice, education and research with the goal of optimizing quality of life and health resources across populations and settings.

Career Examples

Students who complete this degree program may be prepared for the following careers. Career examples include but are not limited to:

  • Faculty positions in universities nationwide
  • Executive administration in corporate hospital systems, clinics, and other healthcare organizations, including their own businesses
  • Clinical positions in corporate hospital systems, clinics, and other healthcare organizations, including their own businesses
  • Researcher