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Continuing Education: For more information on continuing education classes, please visit the resources listed below.

ASU Libraries: An excellent resource that offers access to collections and databases to serve alumni.   

ASU Alumni Volunteer Opportunities: If you are interested in volunteering with the ASU Alumni Association there are many ways to give back and donate your time. 

Recorded Sessions

Introduction to Adult ICU Nursing Course - An interview with ASU Edson College Associate Professor

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Edson College Associate Professor Aliria Muñoz Rascón helped create a free, online course intended to introduce non-ICU nurses to the ICU setting. While this course focuses on the care of the mechanically ventilated patient, care of the critically ill patient it also requires basic knowledge of a number of other areas including electrocardiogram interpretation and management, hemodynamic monitoring, management of shock, titratable IV drips and others.

Alumni Career Resources for ASU Alums

Whether you are a new grad looking for your first position or an experienced alum looking to change careers, the ASU Career and Professional Development Services is here to help. Edson College Alums are invited to use all of the FREE career and professional development resources offered. This webinar highlights the many ways alums can stay connected, find support in their own career advancement and learn about ways to give back through mentorship and serving on career panels.


Keep up to date on what the Edson College of Nursing Innovation is doing to keep staff, students, and the community safe on campus during the novel COVID-19 pandemic.